Wednesday, October 28

The Event That Never Happened - Sunsilk Great Hair Moments Party

Well, most of you must have wondered what happened to me?

I rarely blog (about once a week), and I have not been into events...Sort of Missing In Action.

Well, for the whole month (as you can read from previous blog entries), i was very tied up with the competitions. I participate in various competitions for fun. And i treat it like a hobby, which i try not to get too obsessed with. And i always have the habit of having a party at my place whenever i win something, so that i can share the joy and happiness with all my close buddies who supported me.

In this October, i faced several setbacks. I did not win any party invites, movie invites and what-so-ever invites. I didn't even win the Uniquely Singapore Trip from Nuffnang. I understand that in life, there's ups and downs. I can't expect to win everything right?

I thought I was blessed with Sunsilk and Nescafe, both from huge companies- Unilever and Nestle, that called me up and told me I'm the Top 6 (for Sunsilk) and Top 20 (for Nescafe). I have already allocated and reschedule my free time to focus on these two competitions.

And so the finale of the Sunsilk Great Hair Moment is on 24th October @ Zouk, KL. I prepared my script, made several preparations-physically, mentally and emotionally. XeR0Z was very pissed off because of my tight schedules, strict demands and we fought alot during this moment. It was his holidays and i forced him to spend all his time for me.

I got my hair set by a make-up artist, Justina. I didn't know she do shooting for advertisements and stuff, therefore her hair set is quite expensive. I did this temporary curl for RM100.

I didn't put up any make up because i was told that make up artist will be provided by Unilever. And I was informed that i have to be there at 2.30pm.


I sms'ed the person-in-charge telling her that i will be late due to traffic conditions. She replied me ok. At 3.15pm, I arrived and called her, she told me to wait, dont enter, got problem with management, rehearsal delay, and ask me go elsewhere until she calls me.

OK Fine. Lucky XeRoZ didnt sped off that day. He waited for me to enter Zouk then he left, i managed to stop him and he accompanied me waiting at the car park for further instructions.

I sms' ed the person in charge to ask what time i should be there again. Then she asked me to give her 30mins to reach there.

At 4pm approx. She called me and informed me that EVENT HAS TO BE CANCELLED DUE TO LICENSING PROBLEMS!!!

I was totally shocked and stunned. XeRoZ has been cursing! Although he was angry at me he was worried that i didnt have enough supporters, he had invited his schoolmates, university mates and his internet friends! I never thought that this would happen at 4pm, when the event should begin at 6.30pm!

Unilever said that they were sorry, and will call me to explain on Monday (which is 2 days ago). So today i emailed them, seeking for an explanation!

And so.. I gotta waste money inviting friends, waste money buy sunsilk product (as receipts are used as entry), and some friends who bought the product for the party to support me were furious! They got so angry that i dont know how to react.

I was calm, and i immediately went home and sleep. I slept and slept until 8pm.

Then XeRoZ's buddies asked us out for a drink in The Library!
Finally i get to relax and enjoy some social moments...

Drank Hoegarden, i like the taste!

then i took some photographs. i love the ambient at the Library...

The menu is called the Encyclopedia. You gotta ask for the right menu. There's Food Encyclopedia and Drink Encyclopedia.

The bar...


XeRoZ & Wong. Wong rushed down from Klang to support me in Sunsilk..Then he was disappointed, that the event cancelled.

i took the opportunity to test my camera.

Don't really know how to set the camera. LOL...

So, how good is LIBRARY?

these photo says it all..

Till then, I shall keep you updated with Sunsilk news. Such a huge disappointment from a well-known company.



TianChad田七 said...

Sorry to hear that the event canceled. But hey there is a bunch of friends supporting you even the event was canceled.

Look at the brightside and stay positive always.

hi said...

Hey at least you had fun at the Library. seems like a cool place.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@TianChad: YEah..

@Stephen: Yes, its cool, the live band vocalist can sing many languages-Cantonese, English, Thai =D

Kennee said...

Kesian u la... Good thing that there's library... XD

Unknown said...

WTF~! The event got cancelled?! Damn poor event management. Pfft!
Well, at least you still have Nestle. I want to be the Top20 so bad. Sigh~