Wednesday, October 28

The Event That Never Happened - Sunsilk Great Hair Moments Party

Well, most of you must have wondered what happened to me?

I rarely blog (about once a week), and I have not been into events...Sort of Missing In Action.

Well, for the whole month (as you can read from previous blog entries), i was very tied up with the competitions. I participate in various competitions for fun. And i treat it like a hobby, which i try not to get too obsessed with. And i always have the habit of having a party at my place whenever i win something, so that i can share the joy and happiness with all my close buddies who supported me.

In this October, i faced several setbacks. I did not win any party invites, movie invites and what-so-ever invites. I didn't even win the Uniquely Singapore Trip from Nuffnang. I understand that in life, there's ups and downs. I can't expect to win everything right?

I thought I was blessed with Sunsilk and Nescafe, both from huge companies- Unilever and Nestle, that called me up and told me I'm the Top 6 (for Sunsilk) and Top 20 (for Nescafe). I have already allocated and reschedule my free time to focus on these two competitions.

And so the finale of the Sunsilk Great Hair Moment is on 24th October @ Zouk, KL. I prepared my script, made several preparations-physically, mentally and emotionally. XeR0Z was very pissed off because of my tight schedules, strict demands and we fought alot during this moment. It was his holidays and i forced him to spend all his time for me.

I got my hair set by a make-up artist, Justina. I didn't know she do shooting for advertisements and stuff, therefore her hair set is quite expensive. I did this temporary curl for RM100.

I didn't put up any make up because i was told that make up artist will be provided by Unilever. And I was informed that i have to be there at 2.30pm.


I sms'ed the person-in-charge telling her that i will be late due to traffic conditions. She replied me ok. At 3.15pm, I arrived and called her, she told me to wait, dont enter, got problem with management, rehearsal delay, and ask me go elsewhere until she calls me.

OK Fine. Lucky XeRoZ didnt sped off that day. He waited for me to enter Zouk then he left, i managed to stop him and he accompanied me waiting at the car park for further instructions.

I sms' ed the person in charge to ask what time i should be there again. Then she asked me to give her 30mins to reach there.

At 4pm approx. She called me and informed me that EVENT HAS TO BE CANCELLED DUE TO LICENSING PROBLEMS!!!

I was totally shocked and stunned. XeRoZ has been cursing! Although he was angry at me he was worried that i didnt have enough supporters, he had invited his schoolmates, university mates and his internet friends! I never thought that this would happen at 4pm, when the event should begin at 6.30pm!

Unilever said that they were sorry, and will call me to explain on Monday (which is 2 days ago). So today i emailed them, seeking for an explanation!

And so.. I gotta waste money inviting friends, waste money buy sunsilk product (as receipts are used as entry), and some friends who bought the product for the party to support me were furious! They got so angry that i dont know how to react.

I was calm, and i immediately went home and sleep. I slept and slept until 8pm.

Then XeRoZ's buddies asked us out for a drink in The Library!
Finally i get to relax and enjoy some social moments...

Drank Hoegarden, i like the taste!

then i took some photographs. i love the ambient at the Library...

The menu is called the Encyclopedia. You gotta ask for the right menu. There's Food Encyclopedia and Drink Encyclopedia.

The bar...


XeRoZ & Wong. Wong rushed down from Klang to support me in Sunsilk..Then he was disappointed, that the event cancelled.

i took the opportunity to test my camera.

Don't really know how to set the camera. LOL...

So, how good is LIBRARY?

these photo says it all..

Till then, I shall keep you updated with Sunsilk news. Such a huge disappointment from a well-known company.


Thursday, October 22

ICCC @ Grand Imperial

Last Weds,

In the midst of my business, i was informed that there will be a dinner commemorating the launch of ICCC'09. Thinking that ICCC is a product, without hesitations, i promised to attend the dinner @ Plaza Damas despite the distance and traffic conditions.

Thank God that i had a GPS. I've never heard of Plaza Damas before! But no thanks to God, it was a drizzly, dark Wednesday and the jam was hectic from Sunway toll. I was travelling at 5km/j for 6 kilometers, imagine that!!!

When i went there, then it SHOOK me! ICCC is not a product. ICCC is a year end challenge!

Nonetheless, i decided to play along and enjoy the ambience of the Grand Imperial Restaurant.

Despite the jam, i was among the earliest to arrive~! Most of them lost their way..
So, Roasted Duck Meat was served..

When everyone was seated, the soup was served and prepared to be boiled. Looks yummy right?

Here's XeRoZ who havent slept for 24hrs, but yet insisted wanna come along for the dinner. 24hours didnt see me, miss me leh ~!! *perasan*

Despite the classy display of food. There's not much variety of food for us to eat. I feel even hungrier after eating. And the weird smell of the soup, is pretty obnoxious!

So, instead of complaining of the food we took some photographs. Well, maybe the problem lies on the person who ordered the food =x, definitely not one of us. hahaa..

The problem with me is that, i like to take photographs of people and places. But, the problem is, these bunch of people have been visiting good restaurants often, that they make me look "sampat" coz never come here before~!

Lucky .. as sampat as i may be. Photographs still have to be taken. hahas. Look at the Brightside~!

YEah, my shiny face~! This photo was taken before Nescafe and Sunsilk competition is announced.

I've been feeling very stressful, especially for Sunsilk. And horrendously, the once-in-a-month disease came.. pimples are back, and humungous as ever. Seeing the huge huge bubbly pimples makes me even more stressful..

Ending, we were served with a rich, sweetly tasting red wine. Cheers~!

Monday, October 19

Slurpee Slurpeelicious Moments Contest Voting Starts Now~!!


Miracle Lady MsXeRoZ performs magic again.

It was a hectic hectic week!!!

1. Last week recap:-
a) I am Nescafe Chill-Lah Contest top 20 finalist, i have to make a video of my script by 2nd November.
b) I am Sunsilk Great Hair Moments Contest top 6 finalist. I have to attend the party(like beauty contest) on 24th at Zouk! Had to go to Damansara to get the sponsored outfit.
c) Pork-rageous Fiesta cum XeRoZ's & MeiYee's 23rd Bday Party
d) 7-Eleven Slurpeelicious Moments Contest dateline

2. This week my schedule will make me weak in knees:-
a) XeRoZ's parents suddenly buy him a car and he doesnt know what he wants and how to decide.
b) Preparations for Slurpee Competition Voting
c) Preparation for Sunsilk Competition Script! I havent decide on my hair-do -.-!!!
d) Preparation for Nescafe video!! I had an idea, but i dont have manpower realise my imagination!

Gosh~!!!! HELP HELP... I'm sinking...

Therefore, i'm hoping my blog readers and blogger friends, can help me release some burden. Help me vote in my Slurpee Competition~!! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaseeee~!!~!!

How can you help???

1. click here (or the image above)
2. Look for entry with the name Chua Yi Ling (yupz thats my name)
3. Click VOTE...
4. Enter your email address..
5. Click VOTE 4 more times.. (your email address will automatically appear)
6. Go to your email account
7. verify the 5 votes you have submited!
8. Tadaaaaa..Mission COMPLETED!
(one email max 5 votes/day)

Alright~! 8 Simple Steps you can repeat everyday. I love you very mucccchhhh~!!

Muackz Muackz...Hugs Hugssss...

Saturday, October 17

Slurpeeliciously Hungry Ghost of MsXeRoZ

As you know,

Lately my bank account is facing some deficit. How it happened, I don't know why.. *sigh*
Therefore, i have no choice but to participate in any competition that reaps good rewards....

*Jeng Jeng Jeng*

The SlurpeeLiciOus Moments Contest~!!!(here)

So i cracked my brain, laughter and cracked every obstacles to participate in this competition. However, I can see that the competition is very tough..and i have to do something very unique, attractive and obtain a very nice facial expression!

It's not easy~!!

Me and my other friends (TianChad & Ange) took some shots in IOI mall. I think the shots looked very pretty... It'll be one of my favorite photo collection for all time !!!..

Question is: Is it GOOD enough to attract voters and judges? Is it GOOD enough to win???

And so I decided to think out of the box~!! And let XeRoZ play with my make up..

Which finally turned me into..


M O N S T E R!!!

It's pretty cool. I was shocked looking at my outrageously ugly faces. Can't imagine i'd actually do a photo collage for you to enjoy these pictures too~! hahahs..

Among the two types of genre of photos.. The best goes to: ~

Crazy Nicole after brain freeze

SlurpeeliCiously Me

The Slurpee Story

Amazingly, i decided to go with SlurpeeLiciOusly Me for the competition.. I dont know why, but i really put alot of time and energy to be Malaysia's Ugliest Ghost...The message I'm trying to convey is.. Even the ugliest, most evil devil's heart will be touched by a sip of slurpee...

hahah...Perhaps i'm too lame~!

Anyways, wishing all the best for me. Hoping my bank account will soon be able to be balanced~!

Wednesday, October 14

Tuesday the 13th, A Curse or Blessing?

Hi dears~!!

My Singaporean Invasion ended with a blast! All of us were truly exhausted!
I'm glad that BanBan and XiaoBan came to visit us- As it will take about 4 more years before their next visit (due to National Service).
*Shall post some of their photographs soon*

time for me to update myself...
I gave away my 6-year old Canon Camera to my dad..He complained that i'm the only one who kept occupying the camera, so i just gave him that camera for good. It was a heart-breaking yet joyful separation. Heart breaking is because i no longer have camera to use, and joyful because, hey i get to buy a new one..So it took me two painful weeks without my camera..and it took two tiring weeks to hunt and survey for a new one.

I thought of getting a Sony camera T900 at first, but deep down, i know i'm looking for a soul mate, not a toyboy. So I decided to get something which is reliable, simple and suitable for my pocket.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS62 (Rose/Pink)

And so i went all over hunting for FS62 and was glad that everyone seemed to give me good price for this model! Then last night i finally bought mine in Bintang Maju Commercial Sdn. Bhd, @ Endah Parade, Sri Petaling. The salesperson, who is helpful gave me a super nice price for RM600 (n.p RM699, Panasonic website offer RM649) inclusive of 4Gig Memory card, Hard Casing and free Sony string (coz i keep insisting for free gifts..LOL).. But..i got the special price because i bought 2 units of Lumix DMC-FS62 (one for Tracy) and 1 unit of Lumix DMC-FS4 (For Jian's daddy).

On another issue, yesterday TianChad told me that the winners for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Awards-Uniquely Singapore Experience has been announced. Yes, you guessed it, Me and XiaoBoon did not make it to the winners' list. I was quite disappointed at first, because I've put so much effort and RM11.20 to buy Pringles for this contest. Well, can't expect to win every competition i entered, right? I did my best for the entry, and i know my post made you smile. That's my ultimate prize i get from you. Thank you!

Ok..remember the Sunsilk "Great Hair Moments" Contest i participated in September? Well, last week, Jen from Unilever called me and informed me that I was the Top 20 contestant that the Judges had shortlisted, and she told me that if i made it to Top 6 then i'd be invited to the Sunsilk Glamourous Party @ Zouk, KL on 24th October 2009! Yesterday about 5pm, she called me and informed me that I'm chosen to be Top 6!!! OMG im so elated and nervous. I had to be in Zouk at 2.30pm and will dress up to the nines~! Wow..what an experience. I don't know how I will look like, and don't know what i had to do...Arghh...

30mins after Jen called me, Eddie from Nescafe called up and told me that my script made it to TOP 20 highest voted script!!! This means that I won RM2,000.00!!! On Top of that..
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Eddie told me to prepare my video..And my BOB (monsters vs aliens character) head is so empty!!!

A whole load of things and events suddenly came dropping from Heaven into me! Upcoming next is my Pork-rageous Fiesta which i organized to celebrate XeRoZ's birthday this Saturday! Now, i don't have enough hours in a day to cope with the things i have to do~!

So...Tuesday the 13th is a Curse or Blessings???

Phewww...typed it all out..Now gotta reorganize my work..


muackzzz all..byebye!

Thursday, October 8

Ouch~!! Invasion by LaoBan and XiaoBan

I haven't been logging in my blog since the Emo-post~!!

Gosh.. sorry sorry..

I told my Singapore friends that i'm participating the Pringles-Nuffnang-Uniquely Singapore Contest in conjuction with the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards, and they were so supportive!!! *winks*

In Maple Story, i was honoured to meet and join the guild called WinterTear in Aquilla. LoLs..yeah trader guild *winks*

So my Laoban and XiaoBan (didi) decided to come to visit me and XeRoZ after a year. Also, guess that they misses us as much as we misses them...(awwwww...) So now, me and XeRoZ have no excuse to NOT go Singapore already!!!

So here's some of our photos we took in Singapore Zoo..

And here's XeRoZ versus Sabertooth Tiger..

Sorry for the short post.. Got loads of work to do.

Till then,

Take care all my dears..

Friday, October 2

Of Life...

I felt stupid writing this...

I ask myself this question: What do i expect of myself?

Today i come to realise that my life is mere an illusion. It has become hard to distinguish, which is real, and which is not. I added few old friends on the Facebook, and i was pretty embarrassed of myself. I used to be one of the brightest, left the earliest for college and the earliest graduated from university. But now i feel that i have sank so low that i couldn't even carry my head up. All of my old friends were successful and happy.

I was blessed with 2 wonderful jobs in the world, but i took for granted. I was playing around, thinking that, hey.. i just wait for my salary everymonth and that's it!

It all goes well, until one day you wake up from sleep and realise that there's no motivation, no dreams, no satisfaction. What's the point of living, if you cant achieve anything?

I had a very stable relationship for 4yrs. Yes we do quarrel, but i'd keep our quarrels under closed doors. The thing is that, sometimes, things shouldnt be stable for too long. We'd be ignorant, and eventually lost our selves. It hits me very hard when people tell me that i'm the most RUGI girlfriend. Why RUGI?
-Because, i always go find him, instead of he finds me
-he seldom calls or sms'es me
-I'd buy him the things he wants
-I'd teach him of this he doesnt know.
-I'd do for him things that he didnt want to do
-I'd be there for him when he needs me.

RUGI or not, is very judgemental. For a guy, whose family based locally, it is very hard to accept that i'm the one looking for him, i'm the one who has the car, and i'm the one working. YES, it sounds so RUGI. But what if,
-I go over so that i can have regular home cook meals
-I buy things for him because i have the purchasing power now
-I teach him because he is weak in that field and i have to accept his weakness
-I do the things that he doesn't to avoid further conflict
-I'd be there for him, because I know he will be there for me.

*Sigh* Some times, i really really really want him to find me. After a hard day of working, i'd like to see the smile on his face and have dinner together. He just wouldn't come. Because drive all the way here, then drive all the way back, not worth the petrol and toll. Or maybe no car...Or maybe no kaki want drive him here. Or maybe too late ady...

Both of us are adults now, and we should have been spent our time together gathering rocks to build a strong path for us to move. I have expectations...When i tried to voice these expectations, it will be brushed as "you like to give me pressure". All i want is a reliable, efficient, loving, responsible and diligent partner. I want somebody who is serious, focused, somebody who has the physical and emotional means to pamper and comfort me.

I always thought that i'm a person who complains alot, and does nothing to help the situation. Never thought that as time pass, i complains less and less...and always when problem occurs, i'd look out a solution myself. A person who complains so much, and never tries their best to complete a task, is a loser. Because, no matter how many times a person complains, the problem still stays! It is not wrong to complain, but face the problem and fight it if necessary.

I feel that when time comes, a person should be able to know what is his limits and what he wants to achieve. It's no longer time for you to enjoy, and play, because time is limited. Now I'm 23yrs old. A few months later, i'll be 24. I've been spending money, chasing leisures and fun. Now that i come to realise it, i have not any achievements. I believe that many of my uni mates have at least RM10,000.00 in their bank accounts from working. Looking at my bank account, i only left RM400.00. I hate the person i have become- in one word...MEANINGLESS... Besides gaining 5kilos, there's nothing much i'd gain.

Ok, gotta continue pack my stuff. For those who read every single word from the beginning till the end, don't worry, this is not a suicide msg. I'd like to live till they announce NN awards winner and see whether i'd stand a chance to Singapore or not.

Till then, C ya!!!

From the bottom of my broken heart,