Friday, September 4

The Nescariant Victory~!


I started my day by feeling very disappointed. Last night, I saw people asking votes for the Nescafe Chill-Lah Competition, then i couldn't load the webpage. So, i guess i wasn't among the top 100 that the judges chose.

at 9.30am, me and TianChad was screening all 10pages. Both of us did not see my name written. So, feeling disappointed, i convey the news to Ange. Ange is my other friend, who i collaborate with for this script writing. We had humorous moments creating homonyms..So i told her "Ange, our RM3000 fly away". Immediately she went to screen the website, and told me "Nic, ours is there!!!"

Wow..Feeling elated now.. At least i now know that our script isn't that bad ^^

Therefore, i urge all my readers please lend me your support with this competition. If I'm in the top 20, i will receive RM2,000 cash from Nescafe + RM1000 from Nuffnang being a glitterati member. Also, 20 winner who voted for me, will win 4 complimentary movie tickets!

Of course, i'm sure most of you will not blindly vote. So, hope you like my script:-


Homonym translations:
Creature: Master Shammos. It's you!
Shammos: You can speak! Who are you?
Creature: I am Original, one of the sacred creatures. Come with me.
Shammos: What are you talking about. I don't understand any of this at all.
Creature: This is a sacred place for the Nescafes, created by Grendyl the Wizard.

Homonym translations:
Original: You have to walk across to the sanctuary, they are waiting for you. Farewell Master Shammos.

Homonym translations:
"Shammos, we have been expecting yew"A voice echoed. Shammos looked up and saw three Nescafes. "We are Mocha, Latte, and Black Roast."

Shammos: Why do you summon me here?
Latte: Shammos, Your father created the Nescafes, to guide you when he's not here.
Shammos: My Father! Created you?
Mocha: Thats right. Grendyl is a powerful wizard. Grendyl know Pooper is wrecking our lands, so Grendyl created Nescafes. But, Grendyl was caught by Pooper, and we never heard of him since.
BlackRoast: Time has come. This is your fate. You will lead peace to Amoria. We will train you to beat Pooper.

Note: After doing the translating, then i realised some of the words i forgot to change to Homonyms..(Paisehh~!!!)

What do you think of my script?

If you like it. And think that i deserve to be in Top 20. Please vote for me: HERE

I appreciate your help, support and the motivation you have given me throughout the competition.


Love you all very much~!!! <3


EkLern said...

itu macam pun menang ?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Eklern: What do you mean wor?


I know u wont vote for me de, also no need "throw cold water" on me mah..

Ange said...

was so sad when u told we were not in top 100...

but not anymore now!! *wink wink*

lebihkan Bersemangat nic!!...

Kita berjuang habis-habisan !!!

We can do it !!! Roar!!!!