Sunday, September 13

MsXeRoZ Leaving...Gone and Away...

Hey buddies,

I'm leaving ...Going a far away place. Do promise me that you will take good goody care of yourself. ok?

LOLs.. Where am i going? Wells Wells, im going to Bangkok for company trip for 4 days. So i guess i will be back on Wednesday (16/9/09) around 2-3pm. Kekekee..

Anyways, was packing my stuff when my GM (GuildMaster) of WinterTear sent me this photo.

Although i've quitted Maple Story, I cherish those times when we play together. So to all my MapleStory friends-CCK, Lawrence, Jas,Bebe, ShuShu, Sar Sar, LaoBan, XiaoBan, Boon, Nova...I still remember you guys.

Happy continue playing Maple Story. Thank you for making the game a nice, memorable one for me.


See ya~!!!


cklim said...

hv a enjoyable trip

marccus said...

fuiyo.. so song go bangkok! XD

remember mai overload luggage oo XD kaka

XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

I'll be back!