Friday, September 18

MsXeRoZ is BACK~!! Ya hooo...Ya Ba Da Ba Du~!!!


Anyone miss me???

*hugs* yes, i miss you too~!!!

Well, i was in Bangkok, Thailand on the 13th to 16th September to attend the Stable Micro Systems Distributor Meeting. And Here's my story about Bangkok~!!

I boarded Air Asia AK738 at the LCCT. Due to the A(H1N1) outbreak, we equipped ourselves with preventive measures.

I had a noon flight there, and did not realise that Bangkok is 1 hour later than Malaysia time. So i thought it is a one hour journey. (actually is 2 hours).

Here is some aerial shots of the beautiful clear skies. I don't know it's illegal or not. But if it is, i promise that i wont take photos from the plane anymore.
(i took it when the belt signal is off, when the plane has stabilise and electronic components can be switched on)

We arrived at Survanabumi Airport. It was a huge Huge HUMUNGOUS airport. Clean and high-technology. Met my Singapore HQ manager there and had lunch together.

The funny part is I only brought 1000baht with me for emergency. But when we arrived at airport, the taxi fees to Novotel Bangna is 1200baht. (WTF).. so we went inside the airport and booked a chartered taxi (Toyota Camry, mind you), for 890baht.

Arrived and Novotel Bangna. If i were given a chance to compare Novotel Banga and Novotel 1Borneo (at Sabah), the one i stayed in Sabah Rox to the MAX. Here my room is 6000baht/nite, whereas at 1Borneo, my room is only RM250/nite.

Then we left for Bowling cum buffet session. I love the idea of eating while playing. I wasnt a big fan of bowling. In my WHOLE life, i only played twice. Yeah, once in Genting and this is the 2nd time. So i really think that bowling while eating is great, coz those who doesnt want to play can eat~!!

I personally liked this photo very much- Look how shorty am I.
(From Left to Right: Mark Proto, Terry Deadman, and me)

These are some faces of Bangkok i managed to capture with my 6-year old camera, whom response is a little slow.
(Aww, camera i didnt want to blame you, i know you had tried your best capturing nice photographs with me)

I love the beautiful green sceneries of Bangkok. Another thing i noticed that, the main roads are clean (unlike Malaysia), and we can see the people all have almost the same skin tone. The shops, are also well decorated.

Another thing i love about Bangkok is the colourfulness of their cabs.
During my second day there, I was brought to the Restaurant with the Largest sittings..or Restaurant who can accommodate the most no. of guest? Cant remember, though..
*whisper: the food isnt that nice, the room is cramped. So, having more seats is more important than good food?*

Well, on the 3rd day of my stay,
Goshh.. i LOVE this restaurant very very much~!!! It is called Epice

Food? Yummy...
Drinks? Colourful, but tasted weird. But i loveeeee it..

For dinner, we have International Buffet at the Hotel. This marks the end of Terry's reign in Asia. He is semi-retiring, and his position will be taken up by Guy. *Sad*. Terry is my first Ang Moh friend i had.

I didnt have much time shopping. So still had money with me. hahaha..On the 16th, we arrived at the airport at 9am and spend ourtime playing with perfumes.

I end my Bangkok trip with an aerial view of Malaysia. I dont know which state is this, but is definitely not KL. When we arriving at Selangor/KL, the haze was so bad that you cant differentiate which is land and which is sea. *Sighh*

Till then..You dont have to miss me anymore~!!


TianChad田七 said...

I dun miss you~! The restaurant is really nice and the Angmo like you girls wor ;p

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@TianChad, nvm if u dun miss me. I know got other people miss me de XD
Ya i like the angmo too..hahaha..

Ange said...

i miss u tho....(a lot may i add!)

life in msn wil not be boring again. lols


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Ange, sweet. too bad no souvenirs for u guys though..

marccus said...

got buy anything from there for little marccus bo????

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Little Marccus, i didnt even buy things for myself. SObz..i really have no spare time to do shopping. Dui bu qi ya~!!

Ken Wooi said...

nice.. =)
the last time i went to thailand was in 1997.. long time ago huh.. lol..
hope to be there once again.. =D

TOLANIC said...

Woah, so many pictures you took inside the aircraft! =)

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