Wednesday, September 9

Marccus Low-This is My Birthday Wish For You...

This post is specially dedicated to one of my best friends in the Whole Wide World -
Yang Berbahagia Berkepala Condong 215 Darjah Marccus Low Wei Seong.
(translation: The honorable 215deg tilt-headed Marccus Low Wei Seong).

It is 11.59pm...of 9September2009. Also famously known as 090909..

Some introduction:

WeiSeong (as i fondly call him) is like my long lost brother (Self declare one lah. he didnt treat me like sister, he treat me like Minah). Anyways, we met during university. That time, me and Yeni pakat(agreed) to pay student bill together. Then i got the number 05UEB02314, and Yeni get 05UEB02316! So we were wondering..who kacau our strategy?? When school opens..We found out that 05UEB02315 is at the same class as us..

Yup..that LOW WEI SEONG..

*1st from right, sitting down*

When you first time see him, the first impression is..Not handsome. But after know him 5 seconds, he is one of the nicest guy on Earth! Looks doesnt matter ok! He loves nature-Insects, Animals and Plants..His fav. drink is Kopi O. When he go toilet, he definitely take something to read with (WAh, like describing myself only). I learn to have HUMUNGOUS appetite because of him. Well, we worked together for 8 months. Very enjoyable times at Lee Hung Scientific Sdn. Bhd.

His idol shall be YB Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister of Penang. Well, he even blogged about how similar they both look alike. (Don't you think so?) Since YB Lim handles the state affairs of Penang, Marccus left KL for Penang, and never returned since.

For your 24th Birthday~!! I wish you have an enjoyable life blessed with life's satisfaction. I know your dreams is to travel all around the world-relaxing and helping people. I hope your wish come true!

Of course..Life is not complete without your other half. May you be blessed with the girl of your dreams and live happily ever after.

My Birthday cake for you..
(Hutang first one day i bake for you like this one)

p/s: I forgot see time, missed dao 11.59pm jor. WTF. i readjust the post time. WAKAKA paiseh..