Wednesday, September 2

The Journey to Putrajaya

Last Saturday,

XeRoZ was so keen to photograph Putrajaya nightview using his DSLR. He asked Ju Yau to join along. As for me and Wern, though we are dying to stay at home watching TV, we reluctantly tagged along for the photography session.

Without hesitation, i took my Canon Digital Ixus 60 which is 6 yrs old and took photographs of Putrajaya as well.

My camera needs a tripod for a nice photo. Anyways, I did capture something which i felt proud of...

As you noticed, no matter how i stabilised the camera, the image looked so dull and grainy.. *sad*

After owning the camera for 6years, i finally explored all functions and buttons in it. I finally realised what does "slow synchronisation" all about! *shy*

I also played around with some buttons. Well, i spent 2 hours in Putrajaya- the only nice photos are all posted in this blog. The rest???
Goes into Recycle Bin =)

Guess that my desire of owning a brand new, more sophisticated camera is burning deeply within my heart.

Hopefully, i'll earn enough to get myself a camera! Wish me luck!!!

Nicole <3

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TOLANIC said...

I like your fountain picture. You played with the longer shutter speed. =)