Monday, September 7

Happy Birthday Baboon~!!!

Question: Who is Baboon?

Answer: The big furry, hairy, balls of mass hair whose real name is Yi Wern..

Baboon, a baby girl was born in 5th Sept 1989, 8.22am, weighing 2.65kg. (Other than the birthday, the rest is fictional).

Fortunately, (or should i say unfortunately), she was born as my younger sister.

On 4th September,
Time: 11.30pm
Venue: Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Leisure Mall/Cheras.


Not forgetting,

to say GOOD BYE KAK MISHAN yang cantek dan baik hati...

also THANKS a MILLION to KIANSHEN who organised this gathering for Baboon..

None the less, handmade flowers from Chew Jae Siang..

Guess what, Baboon is not alone in celebrating birthday this year~!
Adam, Kitt's unimate is also having his birthday here.
So we had a combined birthday boy + girl celebration.

Ayam & Adam
Wern is also known as Ayam by friends.. Sigh.. So she's a baboonate Ayam..or Ayam Berbaboon?

We shall now pronounce you both, Husband and Wife?

* Kadooosh*

~Kena sepak nanti~

So, okay,

We shall now announce you both.. ONE YEAR OLDER...!!!!


chris federick said...

hi juz dropping by. Nice blog and btw, my nickname since secondary school is baboon also :P

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

HI Chris~!!

OMG, u r baboon too.. hahaha..didnt know that there's other human baboon in the planet. Thought my sis is the only one who calls herself baboon.

Anyways, WELCOME to the ZOO

SiAdikBoon said...

urgh... *shy*

cklim said...

happy birthday baboon:-)

SiAdik said...

oh thanks :)

Adam Jong said...

Aiyo, it's me in this post...