Friday, September 25

Han Woo Ri-The Korean Restaurant

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to be invited to PuiSee's Birthday Celebration at HanWooRi Korean Restaurant at Korean Village, Ampang.

I had few tries with Korean food before this. And honestly, korean food isn't my cup of tea. Well, i was pretty unfortunate that i was blessed with a korean-fanatic sister who does everything the "korean way".

Happened that PuiSee is also a Korean-fanatic, so this restaurant was chosen on her behalf.
I liked the way the side dishes were served. Besides Kimchi, the vegetables are also very nice, clean and tasty.

The Restaurant have limited space, there are pillar with mirrors in the middle which blocks the traffic flow. We had no choice but to sit like "tuk panjang" (nyonya verse for long table- a sort of match making ceremony during the olden days).

It was stuffy.. as the charcoal smoke was burning right under your nose.

Fire burning~Fire burning~!!

Then we were served with our pork strips and beef strips. It was delicious, eating with the salad vege *i forgot what the vege is called, in cantonese its called Po li Sang Choi (Glass Buttercups?)*

I was wondering since when we had a tradition to pray during meals???

After eating, we were loitering around the crowded space. The service there is pretty bad, as they are unable to bring more water to serve you. I had to go to the kitchen myself to get my water refills.

Then it was the cake cutting ceremony. Happy Birthday PuiSee!!!

After eating like, erm, 2 slices of pork, and 1 slice of beef, the bill came to a whopping RM152.00.
We paid and loiter outside of the restaurant.

I forced Wern to pose this for me, I bought her a WonderGirl T-shirt from Thailand. hahahass..

Then after that we had group photo. Well the images above is grainy and blur (low quality) because i took it with my Nokia Xpress Music which is very lousy in phototaking.

Well.. All Well ends Well..

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