Thursday, September 24

Genting Merdeka Ruumz Trip


It has been almost a week since I last updated my blog. Kinda busy + Hari Raya holidays are filled with food-related activities.

Therefore, without any further delay, i shall now blogged about my day trip to Genting Highlands on 31st August 2009!

Thanks to all my Ruumatez:- Jack Chicken Wing, Kokonut, Hafez, Eklern da Buaya, Rachel T, Baboon, XeRoZ and Me!

We arrived at Genting around 1.30pm. Looking for parking at Genting Highlands was a pain in the ass during public holidays!

Then we had some funny moments outdoor..Frightening evil spirits of Genting Highlands away..hmm..Thanks to us, residents of Genting had peaceful nights~!!!

Genting has beautiful sceneries and flowers as well. I'd prefer Cameron Highlands though. Genting is surrounded by too many resorts that inhibit the growth of beautiful plants..

Then we went Bowling. It's my first bowling experience. I felt like a dumb ass! But i enjoyed watching....

this is me!!!


Fu Yohhh..

After Bowling, we went to the temple nearby... It was a beautiful evening.

When we all arrived at the temple, then we sensed something...

There's an incredible aura here.


something strange happened to all my friends.

As soon as they stepped into the temple, they are bombarded by super duper energy power.. and began to have kickboxing sessions.

Then, they claimed to be.. THE POWERPUFF BOYS!!!

Also, some of them suddenly have the mysterious wisdom to play chinese chess.

And one of them had the heavenly power of milk-extracting skills.

What bout me? What powers do i have?



TianChad田七 said...

Bidadari Hafez is the best ;p
As for the last photo, it looks like u r KO-ed by ZJ la

XeRoZ aka Marshall said...


SiAdik said...

yealor bidadari so farnie HAHA

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@TianChad: Wah, u dun fall in love with the bidadari wor..Ya lo, i kena KO.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

I see see the Bidadari Hafez pose, i teringat orang Banci (Mr. 2) from One Piece. hahahaah..

RK said...

bidadari hafez !!! wakakkakakak~~

EkLern said...

dinner we all no take picture hor..sad

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

hahaha, ya dinner we too hungry and tired. So didnt take photos

Ken Wooi said...

genting is a fun place to be!
lol @ the guy holding the statue's boobs.. =P

Blur Pei said...

wow...u make Genting so fun to be. I wanna go there too~*.*