Tuesday, September 29

My Dreams My Desire ~ Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

It all began with Pringles:-
(read it here)

That turned XiaoBoon into someone new, with confidence, dreams and passion to make his dreams come true.

XiaoBoon even has his own passport. He has what it takes to get to Singapore!

All he dreams of is an opportunity to get a pair of invites for Nuffnang Asia Pasific Blog Awards in Singapore on 23rd October 2009. Everyday, he would pray and pray..that: -

*Boon dreams on*

*At The Awards....*

The Nominees for the Most BOONbastic Blog are....

and the Winner goes to...

XIAOBOON~!!!! Trophy shall be presented by Taylor Swift!
Even XiaoBoon feels shy with his constant day dreamings...

I guess it's time to get back to reality...

QUESTION: WHY you should be given this opportunity to experience the rich blend in culture, cuisine, arts and architecture of Singapore?

The Little Nyonya

I deeply want to have the Uniquely Singapore experience much mainly due to the drama "The Little Nyonya". I am from the Peranakans (Baba and Nyonya) origins, but i never had the desire to understand the dying cultures of baba and nyonya. Since watching the drama, i felt a strange feeling of attachment, and nonetheless amazed to see the stories which my late Grandmother told be came to realize in the drama. I felt very embarrassed of myself, for being a part of this unique culture, I had never bothered to learn more about it. I never thought that there are Peranakans in Singapore. I would love to explore and learn more about the Peranakans.

(Photos courtesy of Sparklette and Shevron)

Singapore is an extraordinarily beautiful country. Located strategically, Singapore has been an international hub since centuries ago. It amazes me to see how fast Singapore has developed. It will be an eye opener for Malaysians like me.

There was once when I read about Singapore Flyer Sky Dining. Omigosh...I was dying to experience the Food, Adventure and also an unimaginable ROMANTIC time to have with someone special.

It is something i cant never find here in Malaysia.

(Pictures from Sparklette)

Thirdly, Singapore is a place for scenery-lovers like me. I'd love to see sunset in Singapore...and the illuminating lights of Singapore City. Thinking about the breathtaking views of Singapore causes me to miss it soooo much...

(Pictures from Google Images)
1-Day Itinerary for Uniquely Singapore Experience

If I had to plan my own holiday trip in Singapore, this is what I'll do. I'd fuse nature, food, shopping, culture and leisure into my 1 day trip. Then, this will me most memorable, satisfying day of my whole life!!!

Before I end my post,

I'd like to say:

Special thanks to:

Thank you for all the information that you shared through blogs and websites. I rarely have the opportunity to go to Singapore. Thank you for the beautiful pictures posted.

Till then,
*fingers crossed for MsXeRoZ*
Hope that MsXeRoZ is able to....

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience!!!

Saturday, September 26

Pringles Story- It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!!!!

Theme C: Krrunch at Home

In the deep imaginative thoughts of MsXeRoZ's haywire mind, there lived a family of cute baboons- XiaoBoon, XiaoXiaoBoon, XiaoXiaoXiaoBoon and XiaoXiaoXiaoXiaoBoon (their real names!)

Everyday, XiaoBoon and his family will do the same same mundane routine..

Sometimes, the moment he opens his eye for a brand new day, he would lie to himself that the day is gonna be a good day.. He wasn't a good liar though~ as his eyes were encrypt with boredom. Despite the smile on the face, there lies bitterness...

He will brush his teeth... again and again.. again and again..because he has nothing to do~!

Imagine that!

Sometimes, his buddies will pay him a visit!
But most of the time, they had nothing to do. They have no aims, no objectives, no motivation and thus, no dreams in life..

They have no demands in life, nor do they realise what fun is all about...

All they have is some sweets, where they will spend chewing for the rest of the day..

What a sad life..

What a miserable life..


*Hey Hoo, Hey Hoo, Hey Hoo* (sounds of a marching band)

Captain Jack Swiney is BACK!

Swiney was away, in his quest to search for THE TRUE MEANING OF LIFE!

The arrival of Captain Jack Swiney stuns the whole town. Swiney brought a huge treasure with him - The Pringles.

Pringles? What is it?

XiaoBoon cautiously put a piece in his mouth...

He was left numb, by the fulfilling sense of EUPHORIA that flows in his body..

I want Pringles..I want Pringles... XiaoBoon finally realised the TRUE MEANING OF LIFE..
He realised that the feeling he felt was the sense of fulfilment, of satisfaction, which he never encountered before.

In order to achieve something, one must have dreams, and passion to make the dreams come true. It doesn't matter if the dreams cannot be achieved, it is the spirit and effort that counts. XiaoBoon also learnt that sharing one's success story, is the most Krrunch feeling he have ever felt.

Pringles should not be enjoyed alone..Pringles is for everyone!

Pringles is now a legend. Sharing something good is Krrunch after all~!!

Together forever...

With XiaoBoon's life boosted by Pringles, XiaoBoon aims to get a pair of invites to the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards on the 23rd October at Singapore!

No matter what happens, XiaoBoon is determine to try his best. *GAMBATEH!!*

So? What bout you? Share with the world your fun moments with Pringles! What are you waiting for?

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!!!!

Friday, September 25

Han Woo Ri-The Korean Restaurant

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to be invited to PuiSee's Birthday Celebration at HanWooRi Korean Restaurant at Korean Village, Ampang.

I had few tries with Korean food before this. And honestly, korean food isn't my cup of tea. Well, i was pretty unfortunate that i was blessed with a korean-fanatic sister who does everything the "korean way".

Happened that PuiSee is also a Korean-fanatic, so this restaurant was chosen on her behalf.
I liked the way the side dishes were served. Besides Kimchi, the vegetables are also very nice, clean and tasty.

The Restaurant have limited space, there are pillar with mirrors in the middle which blocks the traffic flow. We had no choice but to sit like "tuk panjang" (nyonya verse for long table- a sort of match making ceremony during the olden days).

It was stuffy.. as the charcoal smoke was burning right under your nose.

Fire burning~Fire burning~!!

Then we were served with our pork strips and beef strips. It was delicious, eating with the salad vege *i forgot what the vege is called, in cantonese its called Po li Sang Choi (Glass Buttercups?)*

I was wondering since when we had a tradition to pray during meals???

After eating, we were loitering around the crowded space. The service there is pretty bad, as they are unable to bring more water to serve you. I had to go to the kitchen myself to get my water refills.

Then it was the cake cutting ceremony. Happy Birthday PuiSee!!!

After eating like, erm, 2 slices of pork, and 1 slice of beef, the bill came to a whopping RM152.00.
We paid and loiter outside of the restaurant.

I forced Wern to pose this for me, I bought her a WonderGirl T-shirt from Thailand. hahahass..

Then after that we had group photo. Well the images above is grainy and blur (low quality) because i took it with my Nokia Xpress Music which is very lousy in phototaking.

Well.. All Well ends Well..

Thursday, September 24

Genting Merdeka Ruumz Trip


It has been almost a week since I last updated my blog. Kinda busy + Hari Raya holidays are filled with food-related activities.

Therefore, without any further delay, i shall now blogged about my day trip to Genting Highlands on 31st August 2009!

Thanks to all my Ruumatez:- Jack Chicken Wing, Kokonut, Hafez, Eklern da Buaya, Rachel T, Baboon, XeRoZ and Me!

We arrived at Genting around 1.30pm. Looking for parking at Genting Highlands was a pain in the ass during public holidays!

Then we had some funny moments outdoor..Frightening evil spirits of Genting Highlands away..hmm..Thanks to us, residents of Genting had peaceful nights~!!!

Genting has beautiful sceneries and flowers as well. I'd prefer Cameron Highlands though. Genting is surrounded by too many resorts that inhibit the growth of beautiful plants..

Then we went Bowling. It's my first bowling experience. I felt like a dumb ass! But i enjoyed watching....

this is me!!!


Fu Yohhh..

After Bowling, we went to the temple nearby... It was a beautiful evening.

When we all arrived at the temple, then we sensed something...

There's an incredible aura here.


something strange happened to all my friends.

As soon as they stepped into the temple, they are bombarded by super duper energy power.. and began to have kickboxing sessions.

Then, they claimed to be.. THE POWERPUFF BOYS!!!

Also, some of them suddenly have the mysterious wisdom to play chinese chess.

And one of them had the heavenly power of milk-extracting skills.

What bout me? What powers do i have?