Monday, August 10

Stupid Bird Poop Ruined My Day (The Borneo Rainforest Festival)

This only happens a day AFTER u wash your car!

and the problem is:-
  1. Stupid Crow eats f*cking alot and release massive bombs of shit
  2. Stupid Crow aims "zhun zhun" on driver's center view of windscreen
  3. Stupid Crow's shit are sticky and cannot be removed with water spray.
  4. If you wash with water spray, your whole windscreen will be sticky and splattered with Stupid Crow's shit.
  5. You need a green sponge for scrubbing and a dash of dettol for antiseptics!

Then your brain goes haywire..and you started to act like a Stupid Crow who shitted on your windscreen...

Luckily the preview of the Borneo Rainforest Festival Musical thingy was being held at Laundry Bar- And the beautiful serenade of music heals the wound caused by the Stupid Crow.

Ah....beautiful beautiful...

Enjoying music with a bottle of Heneiken!

Here's my turn with Heneiken...

The photo below is not suitable for those with weak heart, pregnant, or those who are sensitive to whatsoever.

Then a baboon that escaped from Zoo Dunia (lebih besar dari zoo negara) came to attack us.

Here's Wern and TianChad..Both of them very "geng"- Go Laundry Bar without $$$!

Laundry Bar!! Here i come again on Wednesday!

I have receive my invites to Digi Sneak Peak. Here is what it sounds like:~

Congratulations as you're among the lucky ones to be chosen to the DiGi Sneak Peek Session happening on;

Venue : Laundry Bar, The Curve
Time : 6.30pm
Date : 12 August, 2009 (Wednesday)

Come dressed as your favourite artiste/celebrity and win great prizes! The best dressed male will win a
Sony USB player while the best dressed female will walk home with a Swatch Watch!

Seriously! I dont know what i'm suppose to wear!

Till then, goodnitez


XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

I can't believe you post those photos!
I wonder how Wern reacts when she sees this!

ThatIsNotMe said...


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

When she was drunk i already had her permission to post these photos.

She says "post lah, as long as dun write its me"

So blame XeRoZ for saying its Wern..

Malaysia Asia said...

W O W... I mean the bird poop... :X