Monday, August 17

Quantum of Despair

Well, guess that lately I've been keeping myself pretty busy and had not had time for myself. Perhaps readers would think that my life is filled with the happiness, laughter, jokes, joy and fun. Just because I didn't write about it, doesnt mean it doesn't happen.

Scenario I
Location: USJ house.

Last time, the moment i stepped into the house, i will feel the sense of dislike. Now, the moment i paid RM2.20 KESAS Toll, i already feel like making a U-Turn and go elsewhere. My only comfort of the house is Wern. Now that she' gone (She's not dead, just on a 3-week vacation) I come home and enters hell. Why? You may ask. Well i summarize it for you:
Loy: a very nice guy who rented my house and give me no problem
ShinYi: a very sweet girl who tortures her boyfriend physically when they fighting. I feel like im a victim of domestic violence whenever she and her boyfriend fight!
Wai: ShinYi's bf, nice guy who is very patient. Unfortunately being tortured with metals, hangars etc.
Rachel: New housemate, who is pathetically messy and she messed up my WHOLE living room. I practically dont think she'd sweep and mop the floor.
Lai Kee: Rachel roomate. Both of them never fold blankets (but none of my business though) but messed my living room. She's the one who'd never off lights after using it.

See.. In a week i only go back USJ like 3 out of 7 days. AND the funny funny pattern also i know ler.. Sad. My only hope is Wern to graduate as fast as possible and we are going to find a small tiny miny winy apartment to stay in Puchong/Kinrara.

Scenario II
Location: Perfect Life Kota Damansara

Life was once perfect in Perfect Life. Until some miscommunication (or i would say, we no longer share the common interest). I liked June- my experienced Insurance Manager. Oh, yes..I'm wealth advisor from ING (part time). So What? Have I asked/force/repeatedly harrass you to sign a policy with me? I am who I am. The problem is, I'm confused. Michelle keep asking me to quit, and June wants me to perform. HOW? HOW to perform when someone keep bugging me to quit? How to perform when I dont even have the circle of network? And i hate it when people YELL at me, BANGING tables when talking to me. WTF! I cried. I cried when i talk to her because i feel so sad, so emotional to see her talking like a barbarian. I am not an ape, nor a chimpanzee. You don't have to speak to me using animal language. Just because you can use vulgar doesnt mean i cant. It's whether i want to or not.


I dont know what i have evolved to. I dont even know myself anymore! I feel so tired, with work, with emotions. All i do is to have more activities to keep myself numb.

Things i want to do this week:-
  1. Wash my car.
  2. Sleep 8 hours at night.
  3. Clean Jian's Room. (throw all his rubbish and remove his 10yr old posters from his wall..kekeke
Guess that clock's ticking really fast. I have to get some rest. Good nite and pray for peace in my soul.

Thank you. God Bless Nicole.

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