Tuesday, August 18

My Great Hairy Moments~

I have a great hair..

So i'd enjoy myself with my Great Hairy Moment!!!

Well, last week i participated in MYC Sunsilk Great Hair Moment Contest!

After participating, i was tied up with my work @ LabAsia2009. Thank god it's finaly over!!

Therefore, i desperately need your votes!Click Here to Vote

Currently I'm still in 1st page. Center location of whole page. (2nd row, 2nd photo)

Help me vote~!!!



Gabriel said...

Dropping by from Innit! :)

youngcampbell said...

voted you. best of luck!

marccus said...

oii.. you tak dak other photos to use liao meh?
ask jian snap more recent eh photo for u lar XD kaka

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Yuli Thanks for your support

@Marccus I busy la how to set hair and join. We have to reuse, recycle and restore mahh..

Anonymous said...

thx for support sunsilk..
plzzz inform more frenz about this....^_^

this week at Jusco Kepong~~