Wednesday, August 19

Movie: Orphan-What Is F*cking Wrong With Esther??

It's 9.25am, 19th August 2009!

Last night, i did something unimaginable beyond human boundaries. (Sorry i exaggarated). I went for the premiere screening of...

*Jeng Jeng Jeng*
Bloody hell! What's wrong with Esther?

Synopsis: (MsXeRoZ's version)

The movie started with a couple, waiting to deliver the baby, when the mom noticed there's blood coming from her belly. Then she's in the operation room, without anesthetics, and the doctor wriggled a "baby" from her belly. Then..the baby turns out to look like "char siew".

OKOK! Sorry la. i know my synopsis may deviate from the real storyline. I was very scared of horror/thriller/bloody/people dying movie. I was looking away 95% of the movie.

Kate (mommy), John (daddy), Daniel (son), and Maxine (cute dumb daugther) is a family who has just lost an unborn child (called Jessica). Kate, unable to cope with the grief, were alcoholic and nearly caused Maxine's death. She has been visiting a psychiatrist, Ms. Browning regularly, and stopped drinking. Kate had a strained relationship with John, and John cheated on her. Both of them are working very hard to keep the family together.
Kate reckons that if she could express her love to the unborn child to another who needed love, she will heal. So, they both went to the Orphanage to adopt. Taa...daa.. Esther come to the scene. Esther is sweet, loving, and well mannered, but she has secrets. She always wear a black ribbon on her neck and arms. Esther dressed so backdated (70's fashion), and is being teased by Daniel and her schoolmates.
It was anger that made Esther hurt people. It was jealousy that made Esther framed Kate. Esther killed almost everyone who stands by her way. Kate, feeling strange, tried to investigate more of Esther's pass- and the truth isn't beautiful...

It was more freaking to find out that Esther's motive is to seduce John, her adopted daddy! What more, Esther is not even a 9-year old girl!

What i feel about this movie?

Come to think about it, this movie isn't scary. It's just frightening me with the sound effects. I was chickened out-Horror/Bloody thriller is so-not-my-cup-of-tea! There's some scenes which are gross!

Some nice scenes..especially the sex scenes are being censored. The problem isn't on the censorship, but it's just that the censorship isn't being done properly. It pissed viewers to see images stuck from one scene then another scene pops up.

What's wrong with Esther?
She desperately needs sex.

I think i look scarier than Esther. Don't you think so?

Movie: Orphan
Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra (Director of House of Wax)
Starring: Vera Farmiga (Kate Coleman), Peter Saarsgard (John Coleman), Isabelle Fuhrman (Esther).
Genre: Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller
MsXeRoZ's rating: 4/10

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