Thursday, August 27

Movie: Murderer- Oh..Murderer! (2009)


Tell me why...

Why I went to see this movie?

Well, it's because of my babe- *not XeRoZ lah*.. It's Aaron Kwok..

Oopssss.. Sorry, accidentally post up his sexy pic...

Well, here's the all-time-good-looking-Aaron Kwok! I decided to give myself a chance in watching a thriller movie with him starring in it. Well, Aaron hasnt been acting much, and i would like to know how did he preserve his youthfulness as time pass.

Well, I wasnt disappointed..

Before the movie begin, me and my sis, Wern have already turned ourselves into Murderers! We shall slaughter each other..oh i mean, drill each other when we fight at home~!! *winks*

Aaron Kwok did not sleep for 3 days to achieve his vicious looks. Both of us didnt sleep for 3 hours to achieve this not-so-vicious look!

When you can’t keep track of the CLUES?

How do you investigate a CRIME

When you become the SUSPECT?


LING Kwong, 40 year old, Chief Inspector of Police who solved numerous difficult cases was found unconcious at an apartment, where one of his colleague, Tai, was found being brutally murdered.

At that moment, Ling was investigating a series of murders which happened nearby his house.
He felt that he was being watched, and fears for the safety of his wife (beautiful Ning Chang) and his son, zai zai (Sonny).

Tai, was in comma after being brutally murdered using an electric drill. The murderer cold-bloodedly enjoys letting his victim bleed to death!

Ling was shaken when he finds that all the clues, the evidence found points that Ling himself is the murderer! One by one, people by his side, no longer trust him..and he finds himself in the verge of madness!

At a point, his best buddies, ah Kwai too begins to believe that Ling is the murderer.. In a fight, Ling accidentally or purposely (i dont know how minds of mental person works), killed Kwai..

And Ling is all on his own..

Who the hell is the murderer? Ling keep having visions that he was being watched.

The truth reveals...

Who made my Oh-So-Handsome Aaron Kwok became like this?

You have to watch Murderer to see it for your self!

What I liked about Murderer?
  1. Aaron Kwok- Not because he is good looking. He uses his super-actor skills and managed to convinced us that he is being paranoid for commiting murders he had not done. At one point he kept shouting " Em Hou Ah.. Em Hou ahh" frightens me!
  2. The suspense begins when the movie starts..I was shocked! Also when the girl crawls out of a dilapilated building..she looks so scary..and BOOM! *you really have to watch this part*

What I dislike about Murderer?
  1. The first half of the movie is nice. The remaining half becomes far-fetched.
  2. very few victims of the murderer. Only 4 murders occured and 2 of them is being shown in the movie.
  3. the lip-synching of zaizai...It turned out to be humourous.
  4. the storyline not logic.
  5. the existance of Ah Mang is just a nonsense character to close the loophole.
  6. I watched Orphan, so i feel Murderer is just a copycat version.
Okay, i shall stop my post here. Feeling feverish already.

I have been ill for 2 days! Hope i get myself well for this long weekend.

BTW, i have my tickets to Final Destination~!! Wheee....


TianChad田七 said...

Harlo Chua Sister

Congratz on braving yourself to watch Murderer ;p

But next time cover less of your eye ar. Try cover your ears

Minna said...

I enjoyed your pos about The Murderer. I have the movie on dvd and I watched it once. I'm quite sure I cannot watch it again, it's so horrible! But, like you also said, it's a magnificent movie..because it is very good in its own genre.
Aaron Kwok is really dreamy<3 I also wondered how he managed to look like that. But yeah 3 days of no sleep...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Hi Minna, this is such a old post that I has almost forgotten about it. Thank you for liking this post!