Monday, August 3

Most Wanted Ruumate Goes To....


I was there!


There lah... ( i can go on like this for a godzillion times)

Alright...I was there @ The Loft, last Thursday to attend the most memorable Ruumz Most Wanted Ruumate.

Thanks to Suresh & Ruumz, i had the opportunity to enter and meet up with my Ruumz friends!
*Why Jack's image so clear??*

The event started with a bang!

Here comes Kingston Liu! (Oops, photo spelling wrong..Kingston...dun kill me ya!!.He's so nice, i'm sure i'd be forgiven)

Kingston did a nerdy version of some foreign languages- Which sounds more like squeaky ducky thingy..Anyways, he can do funny facial expressions..

Pearlyn is one of my most favourite contestant. I think she's cute and very feminine..

Reuben and Kelveen gave us early Christmas. I think they'd be good musicians if they practise harder..

Then Rachel @ JingJing came to perform..

and she stunned us~!!!

From tomorrow onwards, i gonna give Wern intensive training to practice this skill *Wern is left handed but her right hand quite strong too*

After that~!
Here's Kiwi, I'd like to have such small tiny, yet sexy hips.. I think she has a nice sultry look, and a pleasant voice. She definitely has the look and the voice..

Then we have the fish-out-of-water dancing technique from Dicky Oscar~

Entertained with the unexpected talents, the kinetic energy of the judges escalate to a higher energy level~!! Causing free radicals to be formed (I duno what I'm crapping about here)

Derek Yap~ Trying to do an Eminem/Jay-Z/ Linkin Park?
Dont ever try this anymore!
Derek made glaring mistakes, that Joey G took the mike and rapped on..Overshadowed by Joey G.
*but we liked the spontaneity of Joey G's lyrics*

Can i pack him in a bag and bring him home?
I desperately need some workout to be done.
When i'm 18, my waist is 23inches
When i'm 20 my waist is 26 inches
I burnt the measuring tape *Living in Denial*

Amanda looked so gorgeous that night! She drank a whole glass of Heneiken in 22seconds!!! Good one Amanda!

If you see me gulping Heneiken in 22seconds. On the 23rd seconds onwards, you'll see me be the Ruumz Most Drunken Ruumate*

We were also being entertained with:-
Ruumz MWR Fashion Show~!

After the mini fashion show,

We were entertained by Acer Laptop Display by the MWR contestants~
Here are some scenes that i like:-

~Chemistry between them both~

~You keep my head right round, right round~

~The bed seemed to be quite fragile~

The Gorgeous Girls & Fantastic Men making me drool non stop!!!

The Judges: FlyGuy, Sarah Lian, Nicky, and Sponsors from Acer and WIMAX.

After all the hard work and superb effort the contestants endured, they are finally rewarded!

*Note: I didnt manage to capture nice photos of Ruumz Most Wanted Ruumate: Derek Yap & Rachel Beh..(i was blocked by a horde or zombies.. I mean..Photographers)

I'll update some photos soon, meanwhile..You can see the full results at Ruumz.

Can't believe it? Believe it! (Adapted from Ripleys' Believe It Or Not)

Buddy blogger TianChad smoking?
Haha..What You See May Not Necessarily Be True! TianChad is holding the cigarette for James da boss..(CEO of Ruumz)!

These are their glorious moments for all of the contestants..

I'm honoured to have some memorable photos taken with these marvellous people..


I would like to present,

The Most Prestigious..One and ONLY..Only You..

Most..Wanted..Emcee..Award..Goes..To.... *drums rolling* *spotlight*

Have fun reading~!! See you next event!

Deepest Love,

Most unWanted Blogger~MsXeRoZ Nicole