Monday, August 17

Future So Bright!


Just realised that I'm kinda backdated with blogging activities lately!

I can even forget which events i have been, which movies i have seen..*blur sotong*

About two weeks ago, me and Wern dressed up like traffic lights to attend the Juice Anniversary Party-Future So Bright!


The future is so bright, and when i entered the dance hall, i'd imagine those people were zombies partying..

I think I'm paranoid. I've watch XeRoZ played L4D killing zombies..And i kept have the images of us humans turning to zombies!

I reached there quite early. Was in front of the queue, and then i trusted a wrong guy, and landed up 45mins behind the queue.

Seeing this photo, i realised that my specks has to go...

Here is a bunch of my Ruummatez-ChooChoo, Rach T, Es Hellgirl, Sunny Mars Boy (uncle lah), and Boon.

You can have full review of the event at Juice 7th Birthday. My camera is not suitable for places which is dark!

So Party People! See you in future upcoming party~!!!

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