Friday, August 7

Above The Clouds..

I've been updating rather slow these months..Mainly because I am doing outdoor sales, rather than indoor sales, also perhaps is i've been busy attending events and parties that i barely had the time to update.

I took some time off to read my old post and it definitely brings back all the moments i missed. I cant believe things that i wrote made me smile. =)

Anyways, i think it's time for me to change templates again. So i shall make a small post for the time being..

Breath taking view from Hills of Sungai Lembing...I dont know what place is this..HAHAsss.. was 3/4 asleep as i walked up the steep stairs!

Sungai Lembing Town..

An old town with zinc attap, big trees.. 95% of shops closes at 8pm. The only restaurant left is Hoover Restaurant. There's about 6-7 dishes that they provide-Thats all.. (And all of the 6-7 dishes are NOT my cup of tea)

At the Hostel...NOT Hotel..The place we stayed is call Lembing Court Resort? I cant remember..I was thinking it would be a nice resort with beautiful view.. Well, not up to my expectation though..What can you expect from a Dead Town?

Jian (XeRoZ) was assigned to cut the watermelon, with a tiny 3-inch knife (pathetically smaller than any guy's secret weapon)..and has to cut it without a chopping board!

What was i doing then?


tHe wOrldS mOsT GrOss tOe Of ThE MiLLenniUm!!!

MsXeRoZ's toe- I had a ingrown nail..which cuts into my toe..Leaving a bloody hell painfull feeling. That made my tears oozes out from my eyes (but have to tahan because so bloody many ppl there). And i know, if i cry, they will laugh at me, and i will end up as:-
PeRsOn WiTh mOst GrOSs ToE aNd A CryBAbY!!

Talking about crybaby, i think i'm indeed a cry baby. Dammit!!! Hate girls who's tears are cheap, and cant believe i fall into that category!

Here are some pics for your view~!




wen ni said...

nice pic. =)

shereena said...

i been the small@death town b4.. is pretty boring though..

lin said...


Anonymous said...

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