Thursday, August 27

Movie: Murderer- Oh..Murderer! (2009)


Tell me why...

Why I went to see this movie?

Well, it's because of my babe- *not XeRoZ lah*.. It's Aaron Kwok..

Oopssss.. Sorry, accidentally post up his sexy pic...

Well, here's the all-time-good-looking-Aaron Kwok! I decided to give myself a chance in watching a thriller movie with him starring in it. Well, Aaron hasnt been acting much, and i would like to know how did he preserve his youthfulness as time pass.

Well, I wasnt disappointed..

Before the movie begin, me and my sis, Wern have already turned ourselves into Murderers! We shall slaughter each other..oh i mean, drill each other when we fight at home~!! *winks*

Aaron Kwok did not sleep for 3 days to achieve his vicious looks. Both of us didnt sleep for 3 hours to achieve this not-so-vicious look!

When you can’t keep track of the CLUES?

How do you investigate a CRIME

When you become the SUSPECT?


LING Kwong, 40 year old, Chief Inspector of Police who solved numerous difficult cases was found unconcious at an apartment, where one of his colleague, Tai, was found being brutally murdered.

At that moment, Ling was investigating a series of murders which happened nearby his house.
He felt that he was being watched, and fears for the safety of his wife (beautiful Ning Chang) and his son, zai zai (Sonny).

Tai, was in comma after being brutally murdered using an electric drill. The murderer cold-bloodedly enjoys letting his victim bleed to death!

Ling was shaken when he finds that all the clues, the evidence found points that Ling himself is the murderer! One by one, people by his side, no longer trust him..and he finds himself in the verge of madness!

At a point, his best buddies, ah Kwai too begins to believe that Ling is the murderer.. In a fight, Ling accidentally or purposely (i dont know how minds of mental person works), killed Kwai..

And Ling is all on his own..

Who the hell is the murderer? Ling keep having visions that he was being watched.

The truth reveals...

Who made my Oh-So-Handsome Aaron Kwok became like this?

You have to watch Murderer to see it for your self!

What I liked about Murderer?
  1. Aaron Kwok- Not because he is good looking. He uses his super-actor skills and managed to convinced us that he is being paranoid for commiting murders he had not done. At one point he kept shouting " Em Hou Ah.. Em Hou ahh" frightens me!
  2. The suspense begins when the movie starts..I was shocked! Also when the girl crawls out of a dilapilated building..she looks so scary..and BOOM! *you really have to watch this part*

What I dislike about Murderer?
  1. The first half of the movie is nice. The remaining half becomes far-fetched.
  2. very few victims of the murderer. Only 4 murders occured and 2 of them is being shown in the movie.
  3. the lip-synching of zaizai...It turned out to be humourous.
  4. the storyline not logic.
  5. the existance of Ah Mang is just a nonsense character to close the loophole.
  6. I watched Orphan, so i feel Murderer is just a copycat version.
Okay, i shall stop my post here. Feeling feverish already.

I have been ill for 2 days! Hope i get myself well for this long weekend.

BTW, i have my tickets to Final Destination~!! Wheee....

Tuesday, August 25

Experience at Exhibitions 2009

I don't know how many exhibitions i have to attend for work purpose. But I can definitely tell that going to exhibitions are not fun rides-

For one, PWTC has the worse parking facilities, and is quite far, also expensive. There's not much food available in The Mall as well. So each and everytime you go there, the fast food restaurants are sure to be your choice.

*NOTE: The Kenny Rogers there tasted like shit! Don't go!!!

Unfortunately, my company has to open a booth at LabAsia2009. And i was stucked there for 3days!!!

This is my booth. Although my booth are not so pretty, but i think it looks much much better than previous years..

Despite the tight security of PWTC, there are a series of snatch thief and laptop robbery that occured throughout the 3 days. I felt the security service is very good, as the old uncle kept reminding me to stay near my laptop, and not to be fooled by the robber in disguise!

The laptop robbers come in groups, dressing up like professionals, with ties and name tags. They don't speak much-acting like a boss.. and a bunch of them distract you to one corner, while one of them will unwire the laptop cables, and run with it.

KUDOS to the security team at PWTC, for able to pin the robber down, but the thief escaped. Anyways, within 36hours, the CCTV photos are already being distributed to all booths.

Beside my booth lies an annoying idiot, who thinks he is so smart and experienced- called himself a Consultant! Firstly, he'd comment stuff that is general, and look Oh-So-Friendly to you. Then, he will comment your personal stuff, and insult you right at your face!

I didnt know his name as i didnt bother to ask. I even threw his name card away.

He told me he has 5yrs working experience, obtained a masters from SEGI COLLEGE, using his diploma. and he is so smart. First he told me that my presentation skills sucks, then my mouth got mole, then i need to dress myself properly, and in front of my customer, he told my customer that i am not as PRO as him. WTF!!! He also tell me that im fat-indirectly!

He also said that i'm stupid for calibrating my equipment during exhibition!

So throughout the remaining 2 days, i kept myself mum, and distance himself from me. Luckily my friend YeeKai, and KC is in Medigene, kept disturbing me and making me laugh. Also, thanks to Nicholas, Kak Wan and Salina from PLT Scientific, who supported me and shoot him back! Thanks to Mr. Perry Seto who is so friendly to me as well. Thanks also to Ange, Jian and TianChad who visited my booth.. AHHAHAA.

So, to the idiot guy who thinks he is so Oh-Good-Looking and Oh-So-Rich, and called himself a Oh-Korean-Actor...This is what i have to say to you---Oh-Fuck-Off..

Get a mirror as i have never seen any Korean actor as UGLY as you. Thank you!

This is the powder flow analyser that I displayed during the exhibition..

It's me!!!

Thats all for LabAsia, now i'm bringing you across MIFB exhibition, which was held in July..

No Mood to blog about it because, LOOK AT THE QUEUE. I believe that the organizers are not prepared, not efficient, and not able to cater the large crowd.

With such entrance, how can this be a good exhibition?

Luckily, i entertained by Watermelon cake by AB Mauri..I think their cakes look amazingly beautiful.

There's many displays in the MIFB-One of it is the tower of fruits. Feel like taking one and bite now!

The star of the exhibition, i would crown it to Sime Darby! They built kampung houses, inclusive of a bus stand! Nice!!!

I was resting my feet under the bus stand, and one of the Sime Darby Exhibitors were kind enough to help me snap a photo!

Move on to FHM Exhibition, which was held 2 weeks ago. For a change, the exhibition is being held at KLCC, instead of PWTC.

I like the way things are displayed. Very neat, and organize. The only problem is the registration is at 3rd floor, and we go up to register and come down to visit the booths.

Very nice display of items

They even brought a whole lot of fishes to display! COOL

At another side of the exhibition, you can have nice coffee to taste!

I love this booth!

Cute Bear Bear to drink with..

I'm gonna end this post with my favorite photo of ALL EXHIBITIONS!!
*ta daaa*

Topless Sexy Babe!

I wonder how i would look like if i'm like the babe...*imagining*


Thursday, August 20

I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination

WARNING: This Post Is NOT Suitable For Those With Feeble Heart....

If you think there's something wrong with Esther,
What happens if there's somebody out there

Is even SCARIER than Esther?
What if, that person HAUNTS you?
What if...THAT person is ME??
...I can see you...

The Question is...


Even the scary, haunting person CANNOT escape from being haunted!
Nobody can ESCAPE...

WHO is the one HAUNTING me?
(Unfortunately, No Prize given for those who guessed correctly)
(XeRoZ enjoying me being horrified)

No One Ever Cheats Death!

Death CHEATS you...

Nuffnang is giving away tickets to catch Final Destination 3days before it's release! If you managed to survive after reading my post, put you most horrified photo and blog about it. You might get your invites!

Hope I'll get my invites and watch together with you too!

Wednesday, August 19

Movie: Orphan-What Is F*cking Wrong With Esther??

It's 9.25am, 19th August 2009!

Last night, i did something unimaginable beyond human boundaries. (Sorry i exaggarated). I went for the premiere screening of...

*Jeng Jeng Jeng*
Bloody hell! What's wrong with Esther?

Synopsis: (MsXeRoZ's version)

The movie started with a couple, waiting to deliver the baby, when the mom noticed there's blood coming from her belly. Then she's in the operation room, without anesthetics, and the doctor wriggled a "baby" from her belly. Then..the baby turns out to look like "char siew".

OKOK! Sorry la. i know my synopsis may deviate from the real storyline. I was very scared of horror/thriller/bloody/people dying movie. I was looking away 95% of the movie.

Kate (mommy), John (daddy), Daniel (son), and Maxine (cute dumb daugther) is a family who has just lost an unborn child (called Jessica). Kate, unable to cope with the grief, were alcoholic and nearly caused Maxine's death. She has been visiting a psychiatrist, Ms. Browning regularly, and stopped drinking. Kate had a strained relationship with John, and John cheated on her. Both of them are working very hard to keep the family together.
Kate reckons that if she could express her love to the unborn child to another who needed love, she will heal. So, they both went to the Orphanage to adopt. Taa...daa.. Esther come to the scene. Esther is sweet, loving, and well mannered, but she has secrets. She always wear a black ribbon on her neck and arms. Esther dressed so backdated (70's fashion), and is being teased by Daniel and her schoolmates.
It was anger that made Esther hurt people. It was jealousy that made Esther framed Kate. Esther killed almost everyone who stands by her way. Kate, feeling strange, tried to investigate more of Esther's pass- and the truth isn't beautiful...

It was more freaking to find out that Esther's motive is to seduce John, her adopted daddy! What more, Esther is not even a 9-year old girl!

What i feel about this movie?

Come to think about it, this movie isn't scary. It's just frightening me with the sound effects. I was chickened out-Horror/Bloody thriller is so-not-my-cup-of-tea! There's some scenes which are gross!

Some nice scenes..especially the sex scenes are being censored. The problem isn't on the censorship, but it's just that the censorship isn't being done properly. It pissed viewers to see images stuck from one scene then another scene pops up.

What's wrong with Esther?
She desperately needs sex.

I think i look scarier than Esther. Don't you think so?

Movie: Orphan
Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra (Director of House of Wax)
Starring: Vera Farmiga (Kate Coleman), Peter Saarsgard (John Coleman), Isabelle Fuhrman (Esther).
Genre: Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller
MsXeRoZ's rating: 4/10

You can see me with other bloggers at Ewin's blog here!

Tuesday, August 18

My Great Hairy Moments~

I have a great hair..

So i'd enjoy myself with my Great Hairy Moment!!!

Well, last week i participated in MYC Sunsilk Great Hair Moment Contest!

After participating, i was tied up with my work @ LabAsia2009. Thank god it's finaly over!!

Therefore, i desperately need your votes!Click Here to Vote

Currently I'm still in 1st page. Center location of whole page. (2nd row, 2nd photo)

Help me vote~!!!


Monday, August 17

Quantum of Despair

Well, guess that lately I've been keeping myself pretty busy and had not had time for myself. Perhaps readers would think that my life is filled with the happiness, laughter, jokes, joy and fun. Just because I didn't write about it, doesnt mean it doesn't happen.

Scenario I
Location: USJ house.

Last time, the moment i stepped into the house, i will feel the sense of dislike. Now, the moment i paid RM2.20 KESAS Toll, i already feel like making a U-Turn and go elsewhere. My only comfort of the house is Wern. Now that she' gone (She's not dead, just on a 3-week vacation) I come home and enters hell. Why? You may ask. Well i summarize it for you:
Loy: a very nice guy who rented my house and give me no problem
ShinYi: a very sweet girl who tortures her boyfriend physically when they fighting. I feel like im a victim of domestic violence whenever she and her boyfriend fight!
Wai: ShinYi's bf, nice guy who is very patient. Unfortunately being tortured with metals, hangars etc.
Rachel: New housemate, who is pathetically messy and she messed up my WHOLE living room. I practically dont think she'd sweep and mop the floor.
Lai Kee: Rachel roomate. Both of them never fold blankets (but none of my business though) but messed my living room. She's the one who'd never off lights after using it.

See.. In a week i only go back USJ like 3 out of 7 days. AND the funny funny pattern also i know ler.. Sad. My only hope is Wern to graduate as fast as possible and we are going to find a small tiny miny winy apartment to stay in Puchong/Kinrara.

Scenario II
Location: Perfect Life Kota Damansara

Life was once perfect in Perfect Life. Until some miscommunication (or i would say, we no longer share the common interest). I liked June- my experienced Insurance Manager. Oh, yes..I'm wealth advisor from ING (part time). So What? Have I asked/force/repeatedly harrass you to sign a policy with me? I am who I am. The problem is, I'm confused. Michelle keep asking me to quit, and June wants me to perform. HOW? HOW to perform when someone keep bugging me to quit? How to perform when I dont even have the circle of network? And i hate it when people YELL at me, BANGING tables when talking to me. WTF! I cried. I cried when i talk to her because i feel so sad, so emotional to see her talking like a barbarian. I am not an ape, nor a chimpanzee. You don't have to speak to me using animal language. Just because you can use vulgar doesnt mean i cant. It's whether i want to or not.


I dont know what i have evolved to. I dont even know myself anymore! I feel so tired, with work, with emotions. All i do is to have more activities to keep myself numb.

Things i want to do this week:-
  1. Wash my car.
  2. Sleep 8 hours at night.
  3. Clean Jian's Room. (throw all his rubbish and remove his 10yr old posters from his wall..kekeke
Guess that clock's ticking really fast. I have to get some rest. Good nite and pray for peace in my soul.

Thank you. God Bless Nicole.

Future So Bright!


Just realised that I'm kinda backdated with blogging activities lately!

I can even forget which events i have been, which movies i have seen..*blur sotong*

About two weeks ago, me and Wern dressed up like traffic lights to attend the Juice Anniversary Party-Future So Bright!


The future is so bright, and when i entered the dance hall, i'd imagine those people were zombies partying..

I think I'm paranoid. I've watch XeRoZ played L4D killing zombies..And i kept have the images of us humans turning to zombies!

I reached there quite early. Was in front of the queue, and then i trusted a wrong guy, and landed up 45mins behind the queue.

Seeing this photo, i realised that my specks has to go...

Here is a bunch of my Ruummatez-ChooChoo, Rach T, Es Hellgirl, Sunny Mars Boy (uncle lah), and Boon.

You can have full review of the event at Juice 7th Birthday. My camera is not suitable for places which is dark!

So Party People! See you in future upcoming party~!!!