Monday, July 13

We Won The KFC Contest!!!

Woah..Finally 10th July came and passed..

The results of the KFC "I Love Flava Roast" Competition has been announced!!!

It was definitely a euphoric day for me. The first time ever in my life, i drove all the way to KL (Hey, my driving skills very very cacat especially in areas with many cars)

Then we were there on time, but there's just a small group of people, so i felt instantly relaxed.

Ange was even more enthusiastic when the results were announce. She keep clicking the camera..snapping so many images of me.. *Shy*

This is the creative, competition-chaser Ms. Devi. She won the 2nd prize. OMG, i didnt expect us to click so well. Her Bf, is so funny.. hahaha.. I also learnt about determination and also passion for competition from her. Thanks Devi & BF for the advice and jokes.

Here's the winners..The Top 3..TianChad is too tall..*sHooo* You make us feel short!

I should've brought more guests! KFC is so generous to give us goodie bags!!!

Inside the goodie bags, have alot of goodie stuff..HAHAsss

*I will share my Goodie stuff with my guests during my KFC party this weekend*

Then, we were served with light refreshments..

Food!!! Food!!! KFC Time...

Also, we were being introduced to...

I love this one.. On JOM JIMAT MENU! The pasta is filled with cheese *must served hot*, and the chicken balls are mouthwatering. No Joke here. I wish they can just sell me the balls..*sneer*

Here's my innit friend, Jloi..I couldn't recognize him!!!

Then We have group photo!!!

After the ceremony, Me, Ange, TianChad and Jian, we went to get a new Tripod for Jian's D90 DSLR!

Also, Since this is my first accomplishment from blogging! I will be having a KFC Party at my home!

Next plan???

Hint: "Which Hyundai R U?"

Deepest Love,
Nicole <3


StevenBoy1986 said...

Hihi... congrat you win the KFC contest... ^.^

Unknown said...

what la u kenot recorgnize me..LOL..KFC party? i got part inside onot? XD

TianChad田七 said...

Congratz to us ^@^~
Thanks Nicole for this KFC plan

Anonymous said...

woots! congrats! =D

cklim said...


youngcampbell said...

kudos lah~

Blur Pei said...