Thursday, July 30

Photos: Washed by Waterfalls..


Yesterday I promised to post more photos using XeRoZ's DSLR (Nikon N90), which is super heavy for me, but for the reward that comes with the camera, I'd comply to anything~!! ^^

This is XeRoZ, lying on a bed of cascading waters..

Me, on the hanging bridge~!!

Beware of Orang Utans...

I'm afraid of the gushing waters.. XD

Take one step at a time..Dont be afraid...~!!!

The Sg. Pandan Waterfall..

Alrite, Today I'll be off to the :-

Keep your fingers crossed!!!

May the best wins it all~!!

Thanks Suresh for the passes.. *Hugs*


youngcampbell said...

wow! it's my dream to shot water with that glowing effect! ahh.. when will i have that opportunity??

sarah al -idrus said...

tehee..i will definitely go to this place for my berkelah trip.heee..

Malaysia Asia said...

Awesome waterfall pictures! Nicole, did you join my fb group for Malaysia-Asia? I got a small group going and planning for an outing to practice photography too.


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@YuLi: *chianng* Your wish is granted! Your dream will come true!

@Sarah:Yes, you should.

@David:I will join your group~!!

Huai Bin said...

Hello Nicole! I was at the MWR party too, didn't know which one you were though. Alas, missed you. Next event or we can go yum cha. Cheers! :)