Monday, July 13

Nicole Speaks Up!!!

This is made specially for the DiGi MMS Speak Up Contest..

Since the contest being launched, i had the urge to participate, not only for the prizes offered, but also to speak up my mind, about Malaysia.

No doubt,

And Sometimes,

Yet Sometimes we forgot,

It is because,

We never realised,

It is also important that,


Because we are living in a Merdeka Country...

We can run, walk, jump and yell, at our freedom..

So we have to understand, the pain and trouble our ancestors have gone through, to give us the freedom they do not have.

This is our symbol, This is our life..

We have to understand Merdeka, and cherish the beautiful moments of this country.

Let us stay united,
Let us march through,
And make this country,
A better place to stay..

From the bottom of my heart,
Nicole <3