Wednesday, July 8

I Spent A Night With MJ!

June 25, 2009

The world was devastated with the sudden death of our beloved King of Pop, Michael Jackson (MJ). Although i never knew him personally, but i believe that he will be in our hearts forever...

Tick tock.. Tick Tock...Time flies to July 4th..

Gathering at Restoran ABC, somewhere in Cheras..

There are JackJoker, Edwin, KianShen...

Mishan (not in photo), Nicole (not in photo), Jian (not in photo), KeatBoy, Chew & Meng..

What are we gathering for?..

It's KianShen@Sami Seng's Birthday!!!!

I had things to do earlier, so i catch them up and passed him...

Wern gave him a Memory Lane + Hand edited panda-cherries-filled card with some korean words...

Suddenly Ah Chew gave him a lighter! Which has no gas... *sounds fishy*

Written on the lighter, are the words.."MJ <3>

MJ? Who MJ? Which MJ?
Is it..the late Michael Jackson?
Or Mary Jane?
M=Meng Kuan (Ah Meng)
J= Jae Siang (Ah Chew)

Ohhh, that's what MJ is all about!!!

Then, we crapped until after midnight..and proceed to a dark creepy place...

Guess what happened?...MJ Concert lah!!!

Let us all sing along:-

Hari ini hari jadi Sami Seng
sebab itu kami kumpul di sini
ada kek dan juga banyak hadiah.
kami pasti kamu akan gembira

Sekelip mata sudah dua puluh tiga
Tidak tua tapi bukannya muda
Kami sini ingin bagi kejutan
Sebuah lagu untukmu dari hati yang ikhlas..

Happy birthday to you, my friend
semoga kamu sihat kuat
Happy birthday to you, my friend
Cepat cepat cari amoi cantek dan sexxxxyyy..

Happy birthday..

*** Yellow words=unconfirmed lyrics***

Here are some highlights of the concert..

Look how Sami Seng stared at MJ with his doe-look eye...*awww..* like a kiddo looking at a cute puppy..

Look Sami Seng's laughter of delightness...

Wooh...The concert was absolutely a blast!

I had an amazing night on 4th of July, although it wasnt my birthday. I mean, how many guys would compose a song for a friend? MJ definitely broke the Serayan's curse of lameness. There revolutionise a new beginning, where normal mamak time, can never be the same ever!

I can finally see the light that ends the dark tunnel. Go Go Go!

In my whole life, i have never seen a bunch of friends who is so close to each other. Weekly/Daily/Monthly mamak time, movie time, shopping time, birthday gatherings..I think i've just seen a very solid and strong friendship from them.

Thank you for making me a part of you guys.


Nicole <3

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