Tuesday, July 21

Movie: The Proposal

Yesterday, I went to watch the movie "The Proposal", starring Sandra Bullock and Ray Reynolds at TGV, One Utama. First and foremost, I would like to thank TianChad for the movie tickets!

I was rushing to One U, because Wern (My Baboon Sis), had late classes. It was 8.25pm when i went to pick her up. As i was driving, i noticed there's something wrong with my car! It won't lock when i brake.

TianChad told me that we have to collect the tickets at 8.50pm. And i was relieved that i managed to reach One U at 8.45pm. Unfortunately, my car's alarm has some problem. It just kept ringing and ringing whenever i lock my door! So i decided to lock it manually (for the first time), and my heart's feeling uneasy!

We managed to collect the tickets in time, and astoundingly, the cinema is very full!!! Me and Wernie had to sit 3 lanes from the screen!

"The Proposal" is a very light, nice, romantic, easy going, comedic movie which I enjoyed tremendously!

It is about a corporate, super-lady-who-does-not-need-any-guy-in-her-life, Ms. Margaret Tate, and her ambitious-wannabe editor-secretory-assistant Mr. Andrew Paxton. She was a very demanding, commanding + freak boss, whom is hated by everyone in the office. While, Andrew, because of his dream of becoming an editor, he worked very hard for her.

Margaret's Visa has been rejected, and she will do whatever it takes to stay in America, even by forcing Andrew to marry her!

So she proposed to him..The imigration officer smelt something fishy going on and threathened to investigate their relationship. So, in order to make things work, they decided to visit Andrew's family to celebrate grandma Annie's 90th Birthday!

Andrew announced their engagement...And they going to get marry!!!
Then problem started to arise, as in:-
  • Margaret started to realise that Andrew is a richman son who owned an empire of business in Alaska, sacrificed everything and work her just because of his ambition to be an editor.
  • Andrew's family members were overwhelmed and very very nice to her!
  • When they kissed, they fall in love with each other, unknowingly...
  • As the wedding day approaches, Margaret were uneasy, feeling guilty
And, during the wedding day, Margaret calls it off, and decided to be deported to Canada. Andrew, feeling pissed off with Margaret, chased after her..and..

.Awwww..you know what happened..

What I liked about this movie?
  1. Sandra Bullock - She's one of my fav actress of all time. She's aged, not as pretty as before, but this role really suites her.
  2. Ryan Reynolds - He's very charming, nice and sweet in this movie. I'd like a husband like him ^^
  3. Ramone- This silly guy has multiple roles: Waiter-->Exotic Strip Dancer-->Electrical Shop Salesperson-->Wedding Pastor.
  4. very nice and sporting family members
  5. very ke-poh-chi office workers.

The chemistry between Andrew and Margaret is very sweet, and funny- The eagle capturing dog + Strip dancing scene + Naked Scene + Breakfast on Bed Scene + Grandma Spiritual Ritual Scene+ Wedding gown scene + Grandma heartattack scene..

All of these scenes add up...The Proposal!!!

I guess i spilled the whole storyline out already!!! Can't help falling in love with...

The Proposal

Catch up with you later, gotta work now..

Nicole <3


TianChad田七 said...

Haha the people who read ur blog sure very excited to go watch the movie ;p

no worries about spoiler~

goingkookies said...

SOBS!! I wnat free ticket too!!
hehe.. sandra bullock's my all time fav actress too!!