Saturday, July 4

I Went For My First AnteNatal Talk...

Some things, when done, cannot be undone..Aihs..This secret cannot keep long de la. So i better be honest with you all..

That's why, mama and papa keep ask we, as girls, have to take care of ownself properly. Cannot anyhow give boy bluff..Don't ikutkan berahi je! (follow your lust)

Now to late le..Cry also no use! Go Antenatal course to prepare yourself lor..

What is Antenatal?
Antenatal is the preparation done before and during pregnancy and after giving birth. Here you will be thought on:
  1. Stages of Pregnancy
  2. Types of Delivery Methods
  3. Breast Feeding and It's Benefits
So, on Saturday, i went for my first antenatal talk..

at Hotel Maluri..

I was late because I lost my way, and MRR2 is so jammed. The first speech is given by Anmum..

The Representative giving some gifts for those who can answer..This toy box is used to stimulate baby's IQ.

Here are all the participants.. Soon to-be Mothers..

This event is organized by Cryocord..It's advisable for us to keep our baby's umbilical cord for future use. Cryocord is one of the reputable companies out there in market..

This is the Cryocord representative, Ms. Shereena, giving us detailed information on how the umbilical cord stem cells are being kept.

And finally we were taught on how to breast feed, the importance of breast feeding..and also how to carry a baby! She is a very good speaker, but i forgotten her name.
For more information on breast feeding, you can visit:

Guess that my sexy body days are all gone le...

I will store my baby stem cells in Cryocord with Ms.!


I'm not pregnant, and dont plan to get pregnant in near future!
Thanks Shereena for inviting me to this event.

After attending this event, I'm actually having phobia.. I dont want to give birth anymore unless really really no choice..

My fear:-
  • Open leg big big give other people see inside..*EWWWWWWWwwww*
  • Alot of blood and hairs... *EEEEWWWWwwwwww*
  • Must cut and sew back *OUCCCCCHHHH*
  • A HUGE baby coming out from your bottom *OMG..Faints....*
  • Must breastfeed, otherwise breast will swollen and be hard as rock *OH dear!!!!*
Till then..

Nicole <3


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