Tuesday, July 14

Hyundai & The Palace of Two Jagungs

In a mystical land, located deep beneath our hearts, there is a land of magic. In the center of the magical land, located a beautiful crystal palace, called The Palace of Two Jagungs..

Eh..Whose cute car is that???

It's our car!!! (perasan)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Monkeys and Elephant,

We present you...

*Drums rolling* Hyundai Getz... *Roar of Applauses*
Only Getz, can complements the beauty of the Palace of Two Jagungs..

Only Getz, makes us feel complete..

Only Getz, will make us Get Get Getz whatever we dream of..

Only Getz, makes us feel "yau yeng" (macho)

TianChad Getz even more COOL with a Getz

MsXeRoZ and Ange Getz crazy, CRaZier,

and CraZieST in a Getz.

Getz makes us feel good...

With Getz, we do whatever we want!

Yay!!! All of us Getz to be happy too!!

Mission Accomplished!!!

Getz Love Nicole <3


TianChad田七 said...

Jia you to all of us~!

StevenBoy1986 said...

....... That Getz is whose one actually??? *Blur*

All of you also got play the contest??

Ms.Sherilyn said...

thanks 4 ur bday wish!! :DDD

TOLANIC said...

Hyundai is not a bad car. Using Hyundai's car for few years already.