Thursday, July 30

Photos: Washed by Waterfalls..


Yesterday I promised to post more photos using XeRoZ's DSLR (Nikon N90), which is super heavy for me, but for the reward that comes with the camera, I'd comply to anything~!! ^^

This is XeRoZ, lying on a bed of cascading waters..

Me, on the hanging bridge~!!

Beware of Orang Utans...

I'm afraid of the gushing waters.. XD

Take one step at a time..Dont be afraid...~!!!

The Sg. Pandan Waterfall..

Alrite, Today I'll be off to the :-

Keep your fingers crossed!!!

May the best wins it all~!!

Thanks Suresh for the passes.. *Hugs*

Wednesday, July 29

The Cleanest Waterfall I've Ever Been...

Amazingly beautiful...

I'm not a person who enjoys nature very very much. But i do have feelings for a nice, clean, green places, with cool, fresh air and not so tiring place.

Last weekend, i had the opportunity to join XeRoZ's family to Sungai Lembing. Our first destination is Hutan Lipur Sungai Pandan..

It took us about 5mins walk to reach the waterfall..

I was gaping at the huge waterfall infront of me..then i realised..i'm alone!!!

OMG!!! It's so high..Unreachable!

They took 5mins to get up there..I took 20mins..*panting*..

But it's worth it..
When i was above there, I realised the boys have went deeper into the jungle.. XeRoZ was down, and so ...
Camwhore time!!! *Notice that my skin problem isnt that serious anymore*

They returned with a splash...

Instead of muddy banks, filled with human feces and urine..This waterfall is clean, clear and has a sandy beach..

SO, the everyone takes advantage of the nature..

* * * *
I'm afraid i will be pulled by the water i just dipped my legs..

While some...

At the end, some kind souls finally volunteered to take my photograph..

You dont need a good DSLR to get good pictures.. As long as the nature's beauty is untouched, any camera will be fine..

I have more photo's in XeRoZ's DSLR..HAHAHA...So..wait up for my upcoming posts..


Monday, July 27

My First Party!

I won the KFC-Nuffnang competition on 10th July 2008..

and since then, people kept speculating that I eat KFC almost everyday...

But I didnt deny, I'm proud to be the owner of the KFC RM100 vouchers.. RM100 of KFC enough for me to use for say...

1 snack plate : RM9.80 +10% tax = i can eat approx 9 plates of snack plate!!!

But i sacrificied my snack plates and make a party for my beloved buddies-voters.

And I'm very happy... I'm the luckiest gal on earth.. WHeeeee...

Also have special appearance of Shereena and TianChad, who seemed to be huge Anglia Shandy fans..

Those who were present are:

Ground level: Nicole, Aimei, YiWern, Kar Yee, Ah Liu, AhLiu's friend..
1st Floor: Shereena, Rosalyn, Aunty, KianTatt, KienWeng, KianShen, Ah G (coz stay in lorong G)
2nd Floor: Ah Hao, Ange, Mishan, Calista, Guey Yin
Top Floor: Ah Wong, Keat Boy, Ah Chew, Ah Hang, TianChad, ZJ XeRoZ

*Not in photo: Christine, Christine's Friend, Raymond, Edwin, Kitt, Ah Goh..

Thanks to Wern's friend who brought all the nice food for us to eat!!!

From my uni, only us 5....*sigh* Where's all my friends..???

The rest of the guests are Jian's primary, secondary schoolmates..also my mamak mates..

Thanks for coming...Hope that i'd win more competition and have more parties...


Friday, July 24

Movie: Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Remember about a post i did few months back?

I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends... erm...Boyfriends Past.....

Yups, I won myself a pair of invites to catch the movie, Ghost of GirlFriends Past from Nuffnang!!!

Time: 9pm
Date: 23rd July 2009
Venue: TGV, One Utama

Because me and TianChad both had the tickets, so Wern and Mingz are invited to join us~!
We were amongst the first to enter, the hall is superbly empty!

This story is about a celebrity photographer, Connor Mead (Matthew McConaughey), who never believed in feelings or true love. To him, love is the comfort for those who are weak. His brother, Paul, is marrying Sandra, and Connor was Paul's best man.

Unknowingly, Connor wracked Paul's marriage plans..In the midst of the havoc and commotion he caused...he met

Uncle Wayne (Michael Douglas) who was dead long ago..How do we know he's a ghost?
*whisper* There's noo reflection on the mirror!!!

Uncle Wayne warned Connor to change his ways, otherwise, he will regret it the rest of his life, being pathetically lonely. Connor was stubborn, and Uncle Wayne told Connor, he will be visited by 3 ghosts- Past, Present, and Future!

This is the only scene i liked. The Wedding Cake is so nice!!! But Connor ruined it...*Sigh*

Connor's childhood love, Jenny (Jennifer Garner) who tried to change him, but failed. He fell in love with her, then realised he's being spoony or weak, and left her..

Deep down..he still had feelings for her...

After 3 ghostly visitations...Connor was frightened, turned over a new leaf, and helped saved Paul's wedding..

Jenny and Connor...were happily together ever after..

What I think about this movie?
  1. A boring love story
  2. No subtitles, some jokes are just lame (depending on listening skills to understand the movie)
  3. No love chemistry between Connor & Jenny..
  4. The bed moving like car looks pathetically lame (when Past Ghost visited Connor)
  5. The Future Ghost never talks, wore white long robe, at the end, dont know who she is.
  6. Uncle Wayne told Connor to change his ways, or else will landed up like him. But he look pretty good as a ghost, and he's still a womanizer ghost. So, why bother asking Connor to change?
  7. Paul will make a good husband.
  8. Sandra is mental. She sounds just like my housemate. I feel for Paul..
  9. The bridesmaid and best men were all despo.

I think The Proposal is much better than this.


Tuesday, July 21

Movie: The Proposal

Yesterday, I went to watch the movie "The Proposal", starring Sandra Bullock and Ray Reynolds at TGV, One Utama. First and foremost, I would like to thank TianChad for the movie tickets!

I was rushing to One U, because Wern (My Baboon Sis), had late classes. It was 8.25pm when i went to pick her up. As i was driving, i noticed there's something wrong with my car! It won't lock when i brake.

TianChad told me that we have to collect the tickets at 8.50pm. And i was relieved that i managed to reach One U at 8.45pm. Unfortunately, my car's alarm has some problem. It just kept ringing and ringing whenever i lock my door! So i decided to lock it manually (for the first time), and my heart's feeling uneasy!

We managed to collect the tickets in time, and astoundingly, the cinema is very full!!! Me and Wernie had to sit 3 lanes from the screen!

"The Proposal" is a very light, nice, romantic, easy going, comedic movie which I enjoyed tremendously!

It is about a corporate, super-lady-who-does-not-need-any-guy-in-her-life, Ms. Margaret Tate, and her ambitious-wannabe editor-secretory-assistant Mr. Andrew Paxton. She was a very demanding, commanding + freak boss, whom is hated by everyone in the office. While, Andrew, because of his dream of becoming an editor, he worked very hard for her.

Margaret's Visa has been rejected, and she will do whatever it takes to stay in America, even by forcing Andrew to marry her!

So she proposed to him..The imigration officer smelt something fishy going on and threathened to investigate their relationship. So, in order to make things work, they decided to visit Andrew's family to celebrate grandma Annie's 90th Birthday!

Andrew announced their engagement...And they going to get marry!!!
Then problem started to arise, as in:-
  • Margaret started to realise that Andrew is a richman son who owned an empire of business in Alaska, sacrificed everything and work her just because of his ambition to be an editor.
  • Andrew's family members were overwhelmed and very very nice to her!
  • When they kissed, they fall in love with each other, unknowingly...
  • As the wedding day approaches, Margaret were uneasy, feeling guilty
And, during the wedding day, Margaret calls it off, and decided to be deported to Canada. Andrew, feeling pissed off with Margaret, chased after her..and.. know what happened..

What I liked about this movie?
  1. Sandra Bullock - She's one of my fav actress of all time. She's aged, not as pretty as before, but this role really suites her.
  2. Ryan Reynolds - He's very charming, nice and sweet in this movie. I'd like a husband like him ^^
  3. Ramone- This silly guy has multiple roles: Waiter-->Exotic Strip Dancer-->Electrical Shop Salesperson-->Wedding Pastor.
  4. very nice and sporting family members
  5. very ke-poh-chi office workers.

The chemistry between Andrew and Margaret is very sweet, and funny- The eagle capturing dog + Strip dancing scene + Naked Scene + Breakfast on Bed Scene + Grandma Spiritual Ritual Scene+ Wedding gown scene + Grandma heartattack scene..

All of these scenes add up...The Proposal!!!

I guess i spilled the whole storyline out already!!! Can't help falling in love with...

The Proposal

Catch up with you later, gotta work now..

Nicole <3

Monday, July 20

Wheeeee....The All New MsXeRoZ


I'm glad!!! I kinda get bored very fast with things i owned. That's why i keep playing with the html codes, trying to challenge my knowledge and stuff, but usually failed de.

So this time i guess, i kinda like the new look of my blog. What bout you???

Nicole <3

Tuesday, July 14

Hyundai & The Palace of Two Jagungs

In a mystical land, located deep beneath our hearts, there is a land of magic. In the center of the magical land, located a beautiful crystal palace, called The Palace of Two Jagungs..

Eh..Whose cute car is that???

It's our car!!! (perasan)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Monkeys and Elephant,

We present you...

*Drums rolling* Hyundai Getz... *Roar of Applauses*
Only Getz, can complements the beauty of the Palace of Two Jagungs..

Only Getz, makes us feel complete..

Only Getz, will make us Get Get Getz whatever we dream of..

Only Getz, makes us feel "yau yeng" (macho)

TianChad Getz even more COOL with a Getz

MsXeRoZ and Ange Getz crazy, CRaZier,

and CraZieST in a Getz.

Getz makes us feel good...

With Getz, we do whatever we want!

Yay!!! All of us Getz to be happy too!!

Mission Accomplished!!!

Getz Love Nicole <3