Friday, June 12

Wish Washy Toilet...


My name is Nicole. I would like to introduce you, Restaurant Bak Kut Teh Ren Ren.. This restaurant, has the MOST........

EH.. brother..What are you doing?

What's wrong? Why all gather here?

WAHHHHHHHHHH.. Come this restaurant, must wash toilet?

Wash finish get to eat free bak kut teh ah?

Eh.. so familiar one the girl there...who ah??

Weh Nicole, big girl d, still wan play "masak-masak" (cook cook) in toilet ah?

Ta daaaa... The Restaurant has the cleanest female toilet.. What bout male toilet?
Hahah.. Judge for yourself!

This is the laoban (boss) of Restaurant Bak Kut Teh Ren Ren..He so happy, finally got clean toilet to "pangsai"ler..

Group photo...

Why suddenly Nicole go there wash toilet? Hahas..Coz Nicole did not go wash MMTS toilet, instead, went to Sing K with Ange, TianChad and friends.. So kena wash this toilet as compensation.

Why must wash MMTS toilet at the first place? Coz didn't close case lor. Lose betting jor. T_T

This is the first and last time Nicole will wash public toilet de la, have fun reading!!!



Mike Yip said...

WAH! so nice... Free toilet wash ah... or they got pay you? LOL

cklim said...

wow, yang berusaha cuci tandas

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Mike: Free Wash lah, as punishment ma

YB: mmg berusaha cuci...tak boleh malas