Friday, June 5

We Love KFC Flava' Roast! How About You? <3

Some say I lurve KFC...
But I say, I'm obsessed with KFC especially the all new Flava' Roast!
~Contagious Obsession~
Due to my obsession my friends and I fell romantically in love with KFC Flava' Roast!

I'll tell you why!




The touch of the steak on my tongue made my tastebuds excited with an unforgettable flavor bursting through!

Just a bite of the Cheezy Baked Potato, my mind immediately travels back to the fond memories of my first love! <3

I would do anything for Flava' Roast and I mean it!!!

*kissing the board*

Our uniquely designed poster with kisses!

Even Chicky dropped by to lend us his support. *Lucky*
Chicky+Cheeky me!

But best of all, Flava' Roast brings us together and together we do great things :)

That's why we love KFC Flava' Roast!

Nicole <3


Draco Argentum said... really love KFC O_O!! Thanks for stopping by my blog ^_^

Mike Yip said...

good luck fellow KFC lover! :Din

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi there..nice meeting u gals n guyz..congratulations on winning the 1st prize...enjoy KFC hot n spicy!hehehee