Tuesday, June 23

Kota Kinabalu: Training Days..

Day Two:

Installation of Texture Analyzer. Me and Tracy took a whole day to set up the Texture Analyzer, inclusive of the Peltier Cabinet (Temperature Control Module), and the Acoustic Envelope Detector (Sound Module).

I was suppose to be in charge of the Acoustic Envelope Detector, but i realised that the manufacturer gave us the wrong adapter. So we spent quite some time to get the right adapter. None of the electrical shops would supply us, for fear that it may blow up the equipment. Finally, they convinced us to take a voltage level down (forgot the specific name).

Day Three:

Training supposed to start at 9am. While riding on the cab,
Tracy: *shriek* OMG! Notes left in Hotel!
Nicole: Don't worry, i have my spare in my file.
Tracy: *relieve* ohhh..lucky have you!
Nicole: *SHRIEK* OMG! My file left in Hotel's Restaurant!
Tracy: *SHRIEK* Oh no.. *digging handbag* Ahhh, lucky have one spare notes.
(The taxi driver must had a good time listening to our exclamation!)

Eventually, the training begun...

Some of the accessories...

I enjoyed the training myself, because of the response and participation of the members, especially Dr. Lee, Ms. Ho, Ah Hong, and Ah Boon.

Day Four:

I had my part during the training..I teach them to create a new project. My involvement is little, because I'm suppose to handle Acoustic, but the Acoustics seems to not function with the Voltage Level Down thingy. I am inexperienced to handle things that are not working properly. I chickened out, and asked Tracy to cover me.

Glad she did. We honestly tells the customer the problem. And they are nice to accept our explanation. The right adapter was on the way from UK during the training.

Then we relocated the Texture Analyzer into its private room..Glad that my Texture have VIP treatment =)

After the training, we all took a group photo for remembrance. For sure, this will be my most memorable training yet. Glad for this opportunity!

I apologize if i have made any mistakes during the training, and very thankful to meet people like you guys in Kota Kinabalu.

Coming next, the fun and the beautiful side of Kota Kinabalu!

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