Wednesday, June 24

Kota Kinabalu: Final Day Story

In Sabah, the sun rises as early as 6am. It is very bright. at 7.15am, we are at Bukit Bendera.. The clock tower is the last remnants of WWII

Clear blue skies, clean air... Thanks to Humphrey@ Ah Hong, we have the opportunity to have this view!!!

Next stop, Jesselton Point-The place to have access to the islands of heaven.

It's only 9am, and the sun is shining brightly!

Our Ferry guy!

45mins boat ride, is filled with our own activity~ Such as camwhoring!

*GASPS* less words and more photos!

The fishes are very very friendly..Give them a bread and whole village of fishes will swarm out.

Careful of Jelly fish! They sting!

Time for sea activity!

Our Mission: Stay Alive!

Where are we going???

I am actually very very scared up there!!
My 3 darkest fears:
1. Heights 2. Velocity 3. Deep waters

And the unexpected!

When i landed, i realised that i want to be up there again!

Sabah Sun!
Awww.. "Chao Ta"
At 1pm, we moved to Pulau Manukan..

We were hungry!!!

Our towels were soaked and smelly...So we dried it while eating..LOLs...


After eating, we decided to laze by the beach while watching some "movies"..
At the end, we became the "movie" to watch..
Tired mahh.. Work 4 days must have a good rest!

Final moments in Pulau Manukan..

On the boat ride back to mainland~!!

At Jesselton Point again, waiting for Humphrey@ Ah Hong to pick us up..

Ah Hong then brought us to Sutera Harbour Resort, a 5-star Resort built on man-made extensions in the sea.

Here is our tourguide, Terran and Humphrey@Ah Hong! We only know Terran for 2 hours, and yet, feel like long lost friend! Ah Hong is a Master Student in UMS who volunteered to bring us around!

Me and Tracy!!!

This is another harbour, between Sutera Harbour Resort!

Even the waters in the harbour is so so so clean and clear!!!!

I've never seen a petrol kiosk like this!
Sun is setting!
Me and Terran ~!
Almost leaving Sabah, its 6.25pm already!

Last but not least, Thanks to Humphrey@Ah Hong and Terran, who made our trip a memorable one. Definitely, i will return to Sabah! This is a promise i make to myself!

*Note: All photos have poor quality, this is because Clever Nicole always forget to bring charger whenever she go out. Thanks to Tracy's K550i and Nicole's Nokia 5230 (lousy quality).


Ken said...

Awesome experience in Sabah! If next time u'll be visiting the islands, make sure u bring lots of food by ur own.
The price of food at there is meant for slaughtering the ang moh tourists. Haha...

Blur Pei said...

woh...din go pulau sipadan?

ah...island...i love island... fun, enjoy....^^

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Ken: Thanks for the advice..

@Joanne: Didnt go Sipadan, coz need permit or diving licence de. Not that easy to access there.

StevenBoy1986 said...

Wow.... So many fishy and the water is so clear... Really need some holiday at there.... ^.^

marccus said...

eh, nicole, i saw the last picture.. =X only realised that your body capacity maciam bigger than tracy liao =X

wakaka XD