Monday, June 22

Kota Kinabalu: Day One-Transported to Hell...

On June 16, i slept at 12am and woke up at 4am. Me and Tracy had a plane to catch.
We took a cab to LCCT, and checked in. Had a nice breakfast at McDonald's until we did not hear the announcement. We almost missed the flight. We.. yes We... caused the flight to be delayed 3omins-The gate has closed. *memalukan kaum semenanjung Malaysia sahaja*

Yupz, we reached KK at 9.35 (supposed reach at 9am)..and i didn't know that no camera's are allowed...
We arrived at the Novotel Hotel at 1Borneo, and chatted happily with the taxi driver. Seriously, we crapped without understanding what he is talking. Not used to the accent..Both of us looked like @.@

When we called the hotel, the receptionist said that, if there's available rooms, they will allow us to check in. Unfortunately, when we arrived, no rooms are available. So, we sat at the lobby for 3 hours.

Then we changed at the lobby toilet, and off to UMS for our first appointment. We reached 3omins earlier, and called the Professor, Dr DDK( full name has been censored for privacy purposes). Dr DDK say, ok i'll come. after 10mins, still havent come.. Then call again, nobody picked up the phone. Then go to his office, nobody.. then called him again. He said, "hi, im busy, meet me at 5pm"

We were frustrated, and utterly devastated. Then, out of nowhere, a guy asked us. "Are you finding Mr. DDK? Follow me!"

We walked along the dark corridor, he pushed the door opened, and.."HEY! Sit down, you found me! Come Sit Sit" =.="

Suddenly he is not busy anymore? The funny part is that, he talks all the time, and we did not talk. The day before, he asked Tracy to prepare for presentation with the Dean..Where's the Dean??? *nowhere to be found*

After listening to him (in deep Indian +Sabahan accent), I couldn't string a sentence he was saying. I just nod my head occasionally like a pre-programmed robot. Then, he shook my cold hands, and i rushed out of his office.

UMS is quite quiet due to the semester break. Hmm..Basically, from 1Borneo to UMS will be approx. 4km. The distance between UMS to 1Borneo is approx. 1km. Confused? Well let me explain. To go to UMS from 1 Borneo by any means of transportation, you need to make a very long U-Turn.

In Kota Kinabalu, taxis are quite rare, except those loitering around hotels, waiting to slaughter cute chicks like me.The taxi guy who promised to fetch me fong fei kei (ditch) me! I called him 11 times, and he did not pick up. When he did, he just hung up on me T_T!!!

At the end, me and Tracy was stranded there for 2 hours in UMS, and the security guard volunteered to fetch us home. Being KL'ians, we prejudiced, and did not accept their offer. That is why, we stucked in UMS for 2 hours, until we asked the hotel to instruct a taxi to pick us up. That's why it costs RM18.

Finally, checked into the hotel. I would say, "Love at First Sight". It has been hours since I've seen a bed.

The hotel room is very comfy! Thanks to Tracy's good choice. Actually we did not had the time to particularly choose any hotel. It happened that she saw one, through the internet, and immediately booked it.

I love the bathroom most. Nice clean tub, with a very powerful shower on top and at the wall.

I did not notice there was a shower at the ceiling. I turned on the tap, thinking it was the shower on the wall, and Ka Boosh.. I'm splattered with water. My head and butt were soaked.
Bad luck doesnt end here. At the same moment when i was yelling of shock from the water which came from the ceiling, our customer called to inform us that he was at the Lobby. GOsh.. i had no time to change, i went for the appointment, with a wet ass..*sobz*

Peppermint flavoured bath items.

After the appointment, both of us decided to go for a nice, authentic meal. But, at 1Borneo, nothing is authentic. It's the miniature version of Midvalley. It has the right atrium, centre atrium, and left atrium.. Nothing special though...

This restaurant caught our attention. We have not seen any Hong Kong Recipe in KL. So we gonna try this today.
Before ordering,
When the food came..
I called a Spinach Mushroom Noodle..It comes with a iceblended soya..Cost RM9.90.
Tracy had a mushroom chicken baked rice with ice blended green pea. Costs RM 13.90.
After dinner, we decided to have a stroll. We found a cinema..but practically empty. At this moment, i'm longing to have Transformers to be released within this week. So that i wont have to queue so long for Transformers in KL.. Too bad, no transformers..*saded*

There's a Borneo Rainforest in the shopping mall. Also have a Borneo Underwater, which have not been opened. I saw the snake slithering on the table, so i ran far as I can go..


The shopping complex is empty on our first day there. Nothing much to do here.

I find that the first day here, i missed my friends, Ange and TianChad, also Wern and Jian..Was dreading my 5 day stay there already.

The 2nd day will be filled with Installation and Training. I was expecting to have communication breakdown already..Guess what happen..Gotta wait for my next update..

Till then,

I'm back!

Nicole <3


TianChad田七 said...

It is a nice hotel ar! then when you shower Tracy can see la! No cover one? ;p

cklim said...

nice it

Ange said...

aww i miss u too....

Blur Pei said...

good luck!!!

Evelyn G. said...

lol, omg, the toilet..@@!!!

wen ni said...

i personally think that 1borneo is not so bad, dun compare with kuching's becoz we dun hv that huge shopping mall yet. lol

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

I love 1Borneo, there's alot of Koreans/Japanese/Chinese..

But its just the same as Midvalley. I think i prefer staying in the hotel hahahs..

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Nicole, glad you had fun in Sabah. Thanks for the visit to my Pulau Rawa blog as well. For your info, I will be adding more blogs on Sabah, especially the islands :)