Friday, June 5

I love KFC Flava' Roast

Last week, me and my friends were in KFC Drive-thru Wangsa Maju, anxious to try on the latest KFC Flava' Roast!

Then suddenly, We saw..
A birthday party!!!! OMG, It's the first time I saw Chicky! *sobs*

Didn't expect I would live to see Chicky live in KFC!

Those were the days...

Happy Birthday to me~!! 14 May 1994

8 years old. Celebrated at KFC, was the first party i had with my classmates of SRK Marian Convent! I remembered their names vividly: Joleen Tham, Fiona, Lee Chieh Yee, Lee Chieh Ai, Wong Mun Siong, Daphne Ling, Adele Veronica, Michelle Yee.

Gosh.. time flew.. my family~Andy Bro (he was so fat!), Dad, me, Wern Sis and Mom.

First time birthday party is filled with games and activities. I was very happy. Thanks to the KFC Staff who helped carved this wonderful memory in me.

The first time in my life receiving so many presents!

Happy Birthday Wern!!! 5th September 1997.

Every birthday wouldn't be perfect without KFC! This is my sister Wern, when she was 8. I noticed that when she was younger, she smiled more often!!! *Senyuman comel menawan hati*

CUTE!! Guess who is this???

Hahaz.. Yeah.. this photo is antique, was taken in 1987, This is my brother,Andy during his 5th Birthday!

Back to present!!!

Yupz, Couldn't resist taking photographs with Chicky.

Hey Chicky, wanna have Flava' Roast? I'll share with you...

And..something struck our minds! Let's participate the "I Love KFC Flava' Roast" Competition! We were at the right time, right place and had the right mood!

Jian preparing the words..

Ange, practising her very own first Signature Kiss for KFC Flava' Roast!
(Guys, please line up and take your number if you want a kiss from her!)

Hmmm...Satisfied..Same standard as Angelina Jolie's kiss ^.^

Eh!!! Apa ni???

HeHe.. I also wan test my kiss power!

"Eh, Red enough or not? If not enough then i tambah lagi. I want the lips like baboon's backside!"

At the end, what came out was really shaped like a baboon's backside. T_T

Ta daaa... This is Jian's artwork! According to Jian, KFC is famous for its originality, the original recipe chicken. Therefore, we have to respect and stick to the rules of originality, we cannot anyhow change Flava' Roast Image!

So we had to use other means to deliver our creativity!!!

This is why we practise kissing on paper for 30mins!!!

We had to sacrifice our empty stomach because we had to snap alot of photos. TianChad sacrificed the most, because his KFC Flava' Roast Chicken Steak Combo was the star of today!

Introducing~~~~ Flava' Roast Chicken Steak Combo!!!
Is everything ready?

KFC Flava' Roast: Checked
Tagline: Checked..
Co-stars: Checked! comes the idea!

First comes this...

Flava' Roast, please introduce yourself!

Actually, Flava' Roast is a little shy >.


After practising the correct angle for 1 hour plus, and endure tonnes of hilarious moments at KFC, We did this pose, in the center of the KFC.

In a place where everybody can see us. Right in the center of attraction! With devil's headbands! *ROFL*

There are three secret recipe Flava' Roast you can try with.
  1. Flava' Roast Wings Combo - Chicken wings set complete with cheesy wedges and drink!
  2. Flava' Roast Chicken Steak Combo - Delicious looking steak and hot potato with drink!
  3. Flava' Roast Burger Combo - Mouthwatering burger complete with fries and drink
MUST try all three dishes!

A little girl sitting next to our table kept laughing at me! Because i have the worse body coordination !!!

Glad to make her smile... =)

I'm gonna get you!!! You can run, but you cannot hide.. *hiak hiak hiak*

After a hard day of work and tremendous hunger, our brains will go Cuckoo..and this is what happened when you are starving! *Blood glucose level too low*

You think it's over? We walked out of the door and took alot of photographs under the scorching sun.

Also, we didn't let the banner go as well.. Poor banner!
* I bet we did entertain a bunch of families sitting near the windows with all of our antics*

Happy Faces of KFC

KFC has encripted thousands of memories for me, and my friends. Never before we had so much fun doing something so memorable in a place we grew up.

Thank you KFC! We love KFC Flava' Roast because its deliciousness brings us together. Together, we make great things!

Last but not least,

I will also be posting this photo:

in the "I Love KFC Flava' Roast" Competition.

I hope you like the photo, coz i love it very much ^.^

Do vote for me ya! Please visit this website: for more details and also vote me!

I thank all my best buddies- Ange & TianChad and Jian for being a part of this memorable experience.

Deepest Love,

Nicole <3


TianChad田七 said...

I do hope that this is the post that we can use to participate the contest

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

too wad the T&C was hidden. Otherwise our strategy and effort are not wasted like this.

Sheer bad luck. Hope we managed to pull through *fingers crossed*

cklim said...

wow, you guys put so much effors on it, hope you can win in the contest, cheers.

fairuzyusoff said...

i love kfc too!

Daphne Ling said...


OMG, I can't believe you have that picture and remember the MC girls in it! I can recognise a few (like Fiona and you)...

How are you? Where are you? ARGH!