Monday, June 1

Good Day Turned Bad

Date: 30th May 2009
Venue: Restaurant Kon Shong, Ipoh (Opposite Greentown Business Center)
Event: Celebrate My Mom's 53 Birthday!!!!

Last weekend was a memorable yet terrifying weekend. Me, Wern and Andy (Koko) had planned and make preparation to celebrate my Mom's Birthday and give her a pleasant surprise.

We had our dinner at the open air buffet steamboat at Kon Shong Restaurant..
(Aunty Jackie renamed the restaurant to "Jui Pa Kong, Lam Pa Song Restaurant".)

We even invited her best friend, Aunty Jackie and Mr Chen to join us for celebration...All was kept secret until my Papa (Dad) who leaked out to my mom.

(Hmmphh.. Aunty Jackie wan poke Papa tongue with fork ady)

Wern had her braces earlier in the morning and was suffering from gums aching! So she can only eat Tofu and soft crabby stick!

Hehe...Smile also weird d..Wern, tahanlah for 3 years ya!

Siao Charbo of Gunung Rapat!

We ate until surrendered! Then, we lit the cake and sang the birthday song to mom.

I noticed that in KL, if we sing birthday song..Whole restaurant will sing together..
In Ipoh, when we sing loud. The NEXT TABLES AND PEOPLE IN THE RESTAURANT COCK STARE YOU, and didnt even clap hands! WAHLAU... Weird hor..

Mom shy~!
This is the present i gave her..Me and Wern share for her..Nokia 3110classic.
AHaha..Aunty Jackie usik my mom until have this expression!

After eating, we were happily driving home. At the Traffic Light in front of McDonald's Gunung Rapat..

Suddenly.. UnEXpectedly.. In the darkness..

*KABANG!!!! Ka BONggggg.....Ping pang*
OMG..KENA LIAO.. I was so panic! Mom's face turned green. Wern's face turned yellow (Maybe coz traffic light change colour)..

Wei.. AGT XXXX leh.. Just 1 month old, move 1000km baru 1st service leh..

I thought it was a lorry that collided to us, due to the impact!

Then when i turned, i saw a motorbike behind me (sitting behind at that time).. I was shouting, OMG Stuck under the car!

We got down! What The F0ck! Motorcycle bang us the impact so big? What he doing? Mat Rempiting ah???

Suddenly, the peaceful, enthusiastic night turned into sombre horrific accident. The passer by moved the guy aside and all left him. Left an indian guy who came later.

His motorbike looks good after the accident. Go for Honda Bikes next time. SIRIM approved!

What happened was, Myvi was beside my Grand Livina, and the motor sped very fast..Unable to break, slammed into my car. His motor stucked under Grand Livina, his body flung towards the right hand side of the Myvi rear, breaking the whole rear mirror..then slumped on the floor.

Without his helmet, he would be dead, with brains splashing on Myvi and Grand Livina. The Myvi guy was damn pissed off. It was standstill traffic and the motor emerged at high speed.

I was damned pissed off as well. We planned and planned for Mom's Birthday. And the car is also my Mom's Birthday gift from dad!

He ruined everything!!! And burn a hole in our pocket!
How can the motor insurance pay for both cars? And my car is brand new. We have the NCB in stake (i wonder what's NCB??) hahaha..I heard my insurance agent told mom about it.

No choice. Gotta do self repair.. Poor Grand Ribena..

Will send you for waxing and vacuum in future ya!



Ange said...

Nic, jangan sedih.. everything will be fine again in days to come..

Cheer up gal (^.^)


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Ange: Repair costs RM1.8k.. salary~!!!

Blur Pei said...

gosh gosh...sorry to hear tat...

XeRoZ said...

and im the driver that time x.x

Jack said...

wah. the indian never die ah???

sammix said...

nice story, your blog is nice...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Jack: J1, the driver din die..Coz he flew with his helmet on.