Wednesday, June 17

Celcom Suckz!!!

Why Celcom sucks?

  1. If you register under a company line, need authorized letter, with chop and sign + company letterhead if you want to request for something.
  2. Your subline only have credit limit of RM100, if you want to extend the credit limit, you have to get an authorized letter+ signature of authorized person+ company letterhead.
  3. After you have submitted the documents, they called you, and informed that your line cannot have credit limit of RM300, instead, offer you RM200.
  4. If your bill on April is RM10, and your bill is RM 11 on May, they will barr your line WITHOUT informing you.
  5. Then you call them to check, because payment is made by cheque on 5th June, then they say they cannot do anything, cannot unbarr because payment overdue for 60days.
  6. To unbarr the line, you have to pay your outstanding balance of RM21
  7. Even if you are outstation now, they wont unbarr you.
  8. Then you asked them about the credit limit, they told you that it is still RM100. So, what happened to my request, (as mentioned at item no. 2). They will tell you please send authorize letter + signature of authorized person + letterhead. THEY DID NOT INCREASE MY CREDIT LIMIT AT THE FIRST PLACE?
  9. If you want to cut the line, you have to be the owner. HELLO? How they expect Lee Hung Scientific to go to Celcom to cut the line? Lee Hung Scientific is a company, not a person? They really expect the existance of someone with the surname Lee and last name Hung?
So, if i have been kidnapped, raped, and murdered to death, and clinging on the phone for a rescue..The phone will be useless. Thanks to Celcom, i realised they have the X Factor to chase their customers away.

Screw them..

On the brightside (Copy TianChad's Motto)

Dont worry about me, i have my Mr YellowGuy, DiGi. Contact my personal number, you'll be able to reach me.

Will be out for installation soon.

Reporting live from Kota Kinabalu,


Ange said...

Boycott Celcom, we have the right to do so..!!!

Hang in there nic.
Sambal petai for you when u get home

Take care in KK !! <3

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

THANKS ANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TianChad田七 said...

That's the spirit~
Look at the brightside~!

cklim said...

has fun in kk ..haha

itJustMe said...

the company that i work with now also using celcom, but luckily we never face such problem. i've been using celcom (under my company registration) for almost two years already.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

itjustme: Lucky you! ^^

大頭 said...

LOL. CELCOM the wat wat every slogan i forgot d
but i know one person surname start with LEe, then end with Hom