Monday, June 29

Mishan Can Cook Party

*Disclaimer: This post is specially written for the Serayans, therefore bahasa Serayans are used. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

"Carbohydrates are particularly important the night before your race, and even before your long runs or walks leading up to your race. That's one reason why a lot of endurance races offer "pasta parties" the night before. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids the day before the race, but stay away from diuretics that contain alcohol or caffeine. It's also a good idea to top off your fuel tank with a light carbo snack before going to bed."

In light of this Mi Chan decided to throw a "pasta party" at my humble apartment to those who are going to run in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009. I'll google some pasta recipes and be somewhat prepared so that i don't disappoint dear Emo Fitness Club members. I'll be providing delicious pastas to dear runners to store up enough carbohydrates to take the race the day after. You are welcome to bring your friends who are not running the race as well if they sincerely want to try Mi Chan's cooking. Also if you are generous bring some healthy food such as salads, energy drink and other sources of carbohydrates such as ice-creams. Unhealthy food that will affect running performance such as alcohol are strictly prohibited. Hopefully it will be a fun pre-race meal cum gathering and get everyone more excited to run the extra miles!

~adapted from Facebook

Here Comes...




Introducing.. MiShan!!!

Eeeeekkkk... ini bukan Mishan.. Maaf maaf..

Ini dia, Cik Mishan!!!

Besides Mishan's cooking, some kind hearted Serayans also bought their own dishes to share...

Uncle Tatt proudly presents his World's Delicious Mashed Potato!! Specially made using the Eng's Family secret smashing kungfu!

Also, not to forget.. The Most Delicious Durian Cake Ever..I usually dont eat durian cakes, but this cake, made by KeatBoy's super duperly delicious!

If Mishan can cook, then Jian can DEFINITELY eat!!

By the way, here is Mishan's Pasta & Spaghetti...

Inilah, Jejaka kacak dari USJ..En. giGohlo ~!!! Walaupun image blur, namun, kekacakkannya menyerlah..Wakakaka...

Semua busy makan dan mengecrap!

Due to miscommunication, 2 groups membawa 3 tubs of icecream. Jumlahnya 6 tubs icecream... Demi sahabat, Nicole berusaha makan semua icecream tersebut.. Namun gagal, sebab sudah hampir 50kg..kena jaga diet.

Bersenang lenang di living room...

Makan makan bergembira!

Selepas makan, mestilah ada persembahan.. Saksikan kehebatan Kian Tatt memainkan lagu yang tak pernah ku dengari..

Ming yang belajar di Johor, tidak malu menunjukkan bakat semulajadinya. Tanpa apa apa gred piano, dia mampu memainkan lagu, Jay Chou.. Ah..tergamam semua dibuatnya!

Edwin yang berlevel tinggi pula, malu untuk menyentuk piano..Akhirnya, dia memilih untuk menyentuh tangan KianShen pula..Apakah sebenarnya perhubungan mereka??? Lihat pandangan mata penuh kasih sayang!

Apabila Mishan hendak perform lagu "Ballade Pour Adeline" (My fav song), Kian Tatt turut sama..Namun, dia telah memblock pandangan Mishan dari Camera..

Baiklah, post diakhiri dengan lagu dari Mishan...

Till then..

Semoga berparty lagi.. For those who feel stressed, and would like to join the Serayans gang, feel free to participate our upcoming event:


Wednesday, June 24

Kota Kinabalu: Final Day Story

In Sabah, the sun rises as early as 6am. It is very bright. at 7.15am, we are at Bukit Bendera.. The clock tower is the last remnants of WWII

Clear blue skies, clean air... Thanks to Humphrey@ Ah Hong, we have the opportunity to have this view!!!

Next stop, Jesselton Point-The place to have access to the islands of heaven.

It's only 9am, and the sun is shining brightly!

Our Ferry guy!

45mins boat ride, is filled with our own activity~ Such as camwhoring!

*GASPS* less words and more photos!

The fishes are very very friendly..Give them a bread and whole village of fishes will swarm out.

Careful of Jelly fish! They sting!

Time for sea activity!

Our Mission: Stay Alive!

Where are we going???

I am actually very very scared up there!!
My 3 darkest fears:
1. Heights 2. Velocity 3. Deep waters

And the unexpected!

When i landed, i realised that i want to be up there again!

Sabah Sun!
Awww.. "Chao Ta"
At 1pm, we moved to Pulau Manukan..

We were hungry!!!

Our towels were soaked and smelly...So we dried it while eating..LOLs...


After eating, we decided to laze by the beach while watching some "movies"..
At the end, we became the "movie" to watch..
Tired mahh.. Work 4 days must have a good rest!

Final moments in Pulau Manukan..

On the boat ride back to mainland~!!

At Jesselton Point again, waiting for Humphrey@ Ah Hong to pick us up..

Ah Hong then brought us to Sutera Harbour Resort, a 5-star Resort built on man-made extensions in the sea.

Here is our tourguide, Terran and Humphrey@Ah Hong! We only know Terran for 2 hours, and yet, feel like long lost friend! Ah Hong is a Master Student in UMS who volunteered to bring us around!

Me and Tracy!!!

This is another harbour, between Sutera Harbour Resort!

Even the waters in the harbour is so so so clean and clear!!!!

I've never seen a petrol kiosk like this!
Sun is setting!
Me and Terran ~!
Almost leaving Sabah, its 6.25pm already!

Last but not least, Thanks to Humphrey@Ah Hong and Terran, who made our trip a memorable one. Definitely, i will return to Sabah! This is a promise i make to myself!

*Note: All photos have poor quality, this is because Clever Nicole always forget to bring charger whenever she go out. Thanks to Tracy's K550i and Nicole's Nokia 5230 (lousy quality).