Saturday, May 16

Thanks For The Memories

May 14 is indeed a memorable day~!

23 years ago, I was borned in Asia Clinic at Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Melaka..

23 years later, I was destined to write this blog... The 14th May of 2009 is the first birthday i had celebrated with my friends in KL , despite living here for almost 5 yrs.

We had a marvellous dinner at ...

The menu are as follows:

I was so hungry that i cannot understand the menu (although translations are available!)

We selected SET A and SET D... *salivary gland started to malfunction*

Note: I didnt snap photos because too busy & tired. Some photo's are taken by TianChad

See how hungry is Li Ern??

After dinner, we went to Old Town Kopitiam for 2nd round!
*Note: Spirulina Orange of OldTown Kopitiam in Puchong Jaya is very very distasteful. Do not order this drink here. Other branches, tastes very good.

Babes in my row~!

Tian Chad and 3 Babes in other row~!

Some say this OldTown is you know why..

Swine accidentally kissed my cake. His nose is dirty~!

Our group has the tendency to evolve into the ugliest creatures in Earth.

But most of the time, we are pretty too *wink*

Other "pretty" poses have been excluded from this blog, so that I'll stand a chance to celebrate my next birthday.

We are the cuties~!

I reached home quite tired and late. Then saw Jian's and Wern's face black black.. Oh yuan lai, they waiting for me to blow candle~!

Ahh.. Ptuuuuuhhhhh.....

The memories of my 23rd birthday will forever be embedded in my heart:-

They squeeze and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze their body essence and filled it in a bottle for me. Oh...How sweet~!

Minnie mouse photo album~ Inside contain some precious moments of Ling & Jian from May 2005. *shy*

*reading ur minds*
No naked pics here. Don't accidentally curi (steal) my minnie mouse album!!!

The beautiful purse, inside containing RM1. How nice~!!!!!

Lesley gave me a red cutie handbag, which is a dadu, suitable to play mahjong XD

Me and pyjamas with presents...

Birthday is over!!! Look what wern did to me once the clock strikes 12.01am

Thanks again my buddies.

Love Nicole <3

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cklim said...

haha, again..happy birthday :-)