Saturday, May 9

Story: Adventures of Nicole & Bittergourd

*~* Nicole and The Bittergourd*~*

On a cloudy evening, where the sun was shadowed by the humungous clouds in the sky, a sad story happened. So sad, that it brings tears to one's eyes.

Nicole's stomach was growling of hunger. With tempting heart, she opened the refrigerator, but there's no snacks to be eaten. So, she decided to cook dinner. As she turned, she was SHOCKED!!!

Standing there, a kind aunty holding two bittergourds. Kindly she says "Please, would you help me cook?" Without brains to think, she hurriedly agreed!

And so she sliced the bittergourd... After slicing, Nicole noticed something amiss! How come this bittergourd got seeds? or is it worms?

So she asked Jian. Jian, my bittergourd "macam" got problem..Jian turned and see..

ROFL..Where got ppl cut bittergourd like this de. GUNDU!!!!

For those who have never seen bittergourd before, please have a look. Dont repeat Nicole's mistake.

This is the invide view of the bittergourd. I never see before, and didnt know bittergourd have seeds de leh XD

Till then..



marccus said...

wakaka XD
no comment XD

cklim said...

nvm, never too late to learn :-))

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

[CK]lols.. thanks for the encouragement.

[Marccus] u also duno got seed one de right XD thats y u no comments..kekke