Sunday, May 10

Saturday Is a Fun Day!!!

*~* Venue *~* Taman Pertanian, Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam, Malaysia
*~* Time *~* Promised at 7.30, but 8.15 only managed to gather o_O, arrived at 9.05am

*~* Date *~* 9th May 2009

I never know where's my destination. I just followed them blindy. We managed to visit several places, and I'm very satisfied with the choices of destination. Thanks Mr/Ms. Navigator!!

Our first stop will be at the Empangan Sungai Baru. There's a fish kelong floating at the empangan. Not only the personnel are friendly, the fishes are friendly too! XD

This place is also a fishing spot. Look!! TianChad has a fish! Is Li Ern giving the fish a heart attack?

The scenery of the Sungai Baru. Very peaceful ~.~

My friendly bunch of friends and their newfound friends~ the friendly fishes!!!
Note* Some friendly friends took opportunity to molest the fish~!

Our beloved photographer, Mr. "Many Name" (Marshall Soon, Jian, Zi Jian, XeRoZ, ah toot...hahaha) with his new DSLR.

Did you know, TianChad is a model too???

We kicked Li Ern into the pond of fishes, because the fish is too hungry >.
We pushed her downhill coz her face too big for camwhoring >.



No lar!! She sped off and left us on top of the hill.. We not so evil to her de ok..

On our way down, she was lying on the bench..Thought she was so kind to wait for us.. Rupanya, bycicle broke down.

This is a very dangerous attempt. Viewers, do not try this at home.

Glad that i chose the right bicycle. Then i realised my bicycle is more expensive than the rest. Others is around 8-9 bucks. Mine is RM11 eh!! but i like this bicycle!!!

Yeah..waiting for Ange and Li Ern to come back with a new bicycle..

^.^ Her new bicycle is here! Time to go, folks!

I'm exhausted, but it's fun. I kept going on and on, thinking about KFC in front of me. Well, TianChad must have got hallucination, he's finding gold in the drain.

Li Ern thought me this.

In return, I thought her this.

When we were young, teacher say " Jangan Kedekut Ilmu".. Yups. i did what teacher say.

Our second destination..Empangan Sungai Kuning. I suggest we should rename it to Empangan Sungai Ikan Boleh Dilihat.

Typical Malaysia roads, with holes and bumps. Our ride has been painful. The bikes provided are not equipped with comfortable cushions, therefore, our butts are pain.

Gosh..He learnt the Marian Caunter smile... *winks* Seckcie Babe!!

*Note: Marion Caunter, as host of Heineken, A Night In Rome Party

YengYeng, woke up from her light nap.

Li Ern and Ange, renting boats...I pretended busy and let them do the job XD..

A lot of bubbles. Could be a creature living inside.

Perhaps a mermaid?

Oh no...Not a mermaid... A Dugong!!! Gosh, That dugong surely looks like me!


They managed to get the boats..Cost about RM4 per boat for an hour. We rented two boats, and ended up on the lake for 2 hours!!!

We are sooooOOOoo CooL..kekeke

Group photos *happy*

I shall end this post with the picture of the beautiful lake in Taman Pertanian.

Will blog about the Four Seasons House soon!


Nicole <3


marccus said...

XD so cute and bigger size. XD hahah.

Finally can see Jian's new camera, nice capturing. Eh, can ask jian buka his blog ady XD

waiting waiting..

cklim said...

wow, nice place..anyway, eye strain after looking at international sign demonstrated by nicole....haha to tk some rest d

TianChad田七 said...

Fulamak! I have so many candid shot here!

Anyway, nice post! Please wait for mine for like....err... 1 month pluss? ;p

marccus said...

haha XD, Chad, you need to speed up posting ady XD

XeRoZ said...

pls pray that the bike rental fella didnt read this blog.. =.=

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

wow..hi all. thanks for the comments! really made up my day.

[TianChad] i have more shots of you leh. Cant put all up otherwise, it will look like ur blog instead of mine~!

SIAdikComel said...

MEOW! jealous max... :(
but was shocked... what my sis was thinking when she make so many dugong poses..

ange said...

hilarious max ,,, ROFL
had a bunch of great time there la..

Sarita said...

thanks for polluting the sound that day...(i really mean it) and, thanks again for the really funny post!