Tuesday, May 26

My First Online Shopping-MiracleMall.net (Updated!!)

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Let me introduce you... http://www.miraclemall.net

This is the first time i decided to buy things online. It's because, in the Month of May, i would like to pamper myself, also, in June, i had to go out to meet more customers, therefore appearance will be the key factor in having a good first impression!

Therefore, i went to Chia Chern's webby, and start ordering!

It's only because it is Chia Chern, then only i have the faith to place order. I'm pretty old fashioned and sceptical about internet stuff..

*Not everyone is as honest as me, you see*
*Wink Wink~! Devil's tail wagging ^^*

I ordered 3 blouses on 13th of May, totalling about RM 72(inclusive of courier charges). I transfered the money through PBe, and within few minutes, received the confirmation email. Also, ChiaChern send me the consignment note for me to track my parcel.

Unexpectedly, the parcel arrived safe to my doorstep within 48hours! BraVo!!!

Parental Supervision Required. Readers may experience severe sore eye after looking at the photos posted below. Author do not bear any responsibility for any blindness caused.

I ordered this....

but it turned out to be a little different!
Item 1
Like: The colour is much sweeter!
Dislike: The pattern & design is different from in the picture! Look at the sleeve and waist! This blouse is meant for my mother =)

Item 2
Likes: This is exactly alike the picture and i love it. Am wearing it right now while writing this post. The material and fabric is very comfy!
Dislikes: the blouse is a little too long for my short body. =(

Item 3

Likes: Very nice and stretchable. Like the gems around the neckline ^^
Dislikes: Yups, its too long for my short body again =(

Free Item
Chia Chern gave me a free item because it was my birthday! I didn't expect her to do so, because i understand that she earns little from me. ='( very touched with her kind gestures. She also gave me a transparent bra strap ( She knows I desperately need one!!!)

Like: The colour, the material and the design
Dislikes: Jian and Wern keep laughing when i wear this! Dunno wanna match with what bottom.

After karaoke session at redbox last Saturday, I went to stroll along Times Square and bought more clothes. Yeah, Mega Sale is everywhere!!!

Look what I've bought!

I was asking the salesperson: Hey, will "lat sek" mou? (lat sek=colour fade)
Innocent looking salesperson: Emm wuuii (wont)

So when i went home, I soaked the clothes in tap water. The whole pail and toilet floor dyed with a mixture of pink colour and black colour, also have purple colour!!! Was so frustrated!!!!

At the end, i need to go to Carrefour to get vinegar to soak the clothes! And also need to wash the WHOLE toilet! Of course, the brand new clothes i bought all looked second hand due to the mixture of colours!

Stoopid Salesperson, cheated me! 


What I liked about MiracleMall?
  • Fast delivery, efficient
  • Save time going shopping, can avoid overspending because you have only 1 stop to shop
  • Avoid leg aching from walking one mall to another.
  • Easy to pay! You wont have to see your money seep away from your wallet. You just have to click your money away via online banking =)
Improvements from MiracleMall?
  • The clothes being packaged as a weird smell. Perhaps can put a pack of silica gel or spray with fragrant before sending out. 
  • The clothes delivered are very crumpy XD
  • Hopefully, the clothes delivered are same as the picture!

I gave my personal opinion because I believe MiracleMall can improve tremendously! As for the Times Square shop~! Goner case. No room for improvement ady. Cheat my feelings!!

Till then,

hope you guys didnt go blind for seeing me modeling in those clothes!

MiracleMall Says: 
saw it.
thanks for promo ya..
but the smell,en.. got one time i got wash the clothes b4 send out, but the person suspect is not new clothes. so wil only send out like tat.
already import a fold clothes gadget. hope tat nxt time clothes won so kedut^^

Nicole <3


TianChad田七 said...

Nicole, shouldn't take picture from low angel la...~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Not my fault!!! Jian was sleepy. He was lying down on bed!

I look very obnoxious rite??

TianChad田七 said...

Not obnoxious, just that ur waist become way bigger than the real Nicole~ ;p

But the picture of u with the purple shirt stil ok la , haha!

marccus said...

My screen goes blank when try to load the picture. But when view into other place photo no problem.. =X

hmm, dono wat happen. XD

大頭 said...


cklim said...

kudos to chia chern :-p

Blur Pei said...

gal, u look great on ur purple shirt, so sexy n low cut. wheweeet!!

i quite like the white singlet.

ah, the grey one, perhaps u can match with high waiste's skirt (tied in ur shirt).With a thick belt, look elegant one.

Item 1...is very heng nowadays in Japan or Korea. Suggest a high waist belt or a shapy vest.

That's my opinion.hope it helps.

and da...timesquare thing,sure will 'lat sek'. next time, when u bought any new clothes, juz wash them separately.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

thanks joanne for the advice!!!!

But im truly sucky at fashion stuff. Bring me to go shopping^^

Blur Pei said...

is ok la, learn from mag. haha..
get some acessories!!!

Shaz said...

yO!!!! I wanna shop for my t-shirt.. but u dun sell guys stuffs! LOOL......