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Movie Review: Star Trek 2009

Date: 13th May 2009
Time: 9.20pm
Venue: GSC Cheras Leisure Mall

Movie: Star Trek: The Future Begins

No need to say a word..

Know what I mean?




Still duno???

Aiseh mannn... Okay, i shall give a brief description about Star Trek.

The all famous Star Trek used to be a TV drama series, mostly watched by my papa and bro. I never liked Star Trek, never watched, always thought that there's a man with silly hair style on a space ship, and the aliens from outer spaces always looked scary. Also, the hero, is a womanizer!

But i decided to go for Star Trek on Wednesday ( a decision that surprised Wern and Jian).. 

Summary (with unintended spoilers *wink*)

U.S.S Kelvin was attacked abruptly by a spaceship Narada (leaded by Nero) while investigating a space storm. U.S.S Kelvin was beyond repair and the Captain were killed, leaving behind George Kirk as the ship's captain for 12 mins before he sacrificed himself for 800 crew members to escape. His wife and son survived the nasty attack.  Years passed, George's son, James, grew to be a handsome, rebellious, and flirtatious young man. He was then discovered by Captain Pike, the captain of the new U.S.S Enterprise. James was recruited into starfleet.

Destiny twisted and James' path crosses with Spock, of Vulcan. Spock is a half-breed of human and Vulcan, therefore being tormented with race discrimination. Spock is an intellectual, acting based on logic and statistics. James on the other hand, acts unpredictably. 


Go watch this movie if you want to know what happens...

What i feel about Star Trek:
  1. A little complicated, where flashbacks and movie jumps here and there.
  2. The spaceships are ridiculously near to the black hole.
  3. The actress, Uhura, looks old and not-so sexy.
  4. This movie has a lot of humour in it. 
  5. From starting to ending, it has been very exciting.
  6. Love between Uhura and Spock looks a little unnecessary.

Hope you'll enjoy the movie as much as I do.

Nicole <3

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