Friday, May 1

Life's Good with LG?

*Note: Angel doesn't wear shoes and Devil don't prefer socks..kekeke..

*~*~* Happy Labour Day *~*~*

This year i'll be celebrating my 1st labour day in my life!!! I don't know why i feel so elated about it. Probably because this is the first time i think i deserved May 1st as a public holiday!

The good news is.. It's May!!! Yeah..My birthday is coming in a fortnight. All the years, have been celebrating with my family in hometown (because it's in the middle of semester break). This year, it felt so different, Definitely wont be able to go home because attached to work. With so, definitely do not know what to do on my birthday.

Bad news is i'm also definitely going to be broke with:
May 9th>Mother's Day
May 20th>Brother's Birthday
May 29th> my Viva's Birthday (Plan to bring it for a good wash and waxing)
May 29th> Pay car insurance and road tax T_T
May 30th> Mom's Birthday

Since too many upcoming happiness (celebrations)-sadness (no $$$), i've decided to live life to the fullest. Nuffnang is recruiting Angels and Devils for the exclusive LG Blog Launch Party!

Just have to complete the slogan and if you are the lucky ones, you'll be invited! Isn't it CooL.

YupZ, i wrote in. Hopefully I'm one of the lucky 50 ones to be chosen. =)

For more info, you can visit...

Hehe..Cant wait to unleash the devil in me...




cklim said...

hapi labour day

Jack said...

hm... i thought Devil only wear socks =D