Monday, May 18

I'm a Standout in Life

Live and die,
Laugh and cry,
Life is a dream, we are dreaming..

Day by day, I find my way,
Look for the soul and the meaning...

Then you look at me,
And I always feel, what I have been searching for..
I'm lost as can be,
Then you look at me...
And I am not, lost anymore.. 

I'm Nicole @ MsXeRoZ. All along, I was Meant To Be a Standout in life~!

I was alone and new in KL when I came from Ipoh to get a degree. In the first week of college, I was elected as the Class Rep of 30 students.

Time flew, I moved on to university..Faster than the history of evolution, I am tasked to lead a course of 150 students...

Yes! I've done it.. I bet, I've done it well!!

I may not be the brightest in class, but I gave my best. Mama and Papa, Thank You!

It's time to contribute to the society....
I've grown into a more learned and experienced person. 

At home,

I'd be having fun. Believing in who i was meant to be in the first place.

I don't have to be a superhero, to believe that i can fly~!

Deepest Love,
Nicole <3


cklim said...

i am in deep shit, pls drag me out..haha

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Yi Ling!

Gosh, I can recognise that smile of yours anywhere, even after all this years! What luck you found my blog--cos now we can keep in touch.

Congrats on your graduation (any plans to go on?) and Happy Belated Birthday!


Breadpitt said...

o....happy belated buffday to u gal...;-p your parents for sure will b proud of u...