Thursday, May 28

I'm So Sorry but I Love You

I didn't mean to do it
Never thought that it will hurt you so much
Yes, i admit, i'm selfish
Yes, i admit, i'm immature
I wasnt at my right mind when i do it
It was an accident
I thought it will be fun
I thought it will be cool..
But I never thought that i will screw you up..

Things will never be the same again,
What's done, cannot be undone,
No matter how you look like now, I stay with you
This I promise you
Now and Forever...

*Moral of the story*
I, Nicole Chua, solemnly vow to my beloved blog, that i will never ever play around with html codes that will turn it into an ugly blog. Should i break this promise, I will never ever eat Sambal Petai Prawn at Medan Selera anymore.


youngcampbell said...

0.o that's why i try the html codes in my other blog for the test. when you ruin your template. man! it needs a lot of hardwork to make your blog a decent blog again XD

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Thanks YuLi for the advice..I have learnt from my mistake. Vowed not to simply touch it anymore..

大頭 said...

I ingat apa hal pula

cklim said...

nvm la, "research" like that one ma, remember keep on berusaha tekun , then ok d

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

大頭--> wuahaha u kena tipu..