Tuesday, May 5

‘I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past‘

I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends... erm...Boyfriends Past.....

Long long time ago, in the eastern village, there lived 3 friends, Marccus, TianChad and Nicole..They are very crappy and lame together..

TianChad and Marccus were very close..closer than all of us can imagine....and Nicole suspected they are ghey..so..she was left behind. Not so soon thereafter, the blogging syndrome devastated the Earth. Lonelier than ever, Nicole was left behind again, because her boyfriends..as in.. Boy + friends was caught in the contagious blogging activity.

TianChad and Marccus blog and blog..and kept getting dates with sexy sexy babes.

Marccus: Hey Nicole, today we are going to Sweetheart Cafe. Wanna go?
Nicole: Wah, jio me out today? *Happy*
Marccus: But hor...there alot of swee char bo. If we bring you go, you sure spoil the scenery de!
Nicole: WTH...*shadowed with emo'ness*
Marccus and TianChad: Bye! When we come back we update blog, you go read ya!
Nicole: *draw circles on the wall*

The whole incident was watched by the ghost of Marccus, named MarLow and the ghost of TianChad, named TianChen.. They saw Nicole being bullied..and cannot bear the sight of it.

MarLow (ghost) & TianChen(ghost): Hocus Pocus Na Mo O Mi To Fo..(a charm that makes people repent their bad deeds)..

The next day, Marccus helped Nicole create her new blog..

Ta Daaa...Here comes MsXeRoZ~It Was Meant To Be....

Now that Marccus is no longer by their side, *not that he's dead, he's went back to Penang for work and family*...The world is left with Nicole and TianChad, but the three of them continued blogging..

Although apart, Marccus and TianChad knew that they can never run from their past, so from that day the ghost hocus pocus on them, they treat Nicole very kindly.


This movie actually tells us a story of a young, charming man, Connor Mead, who plays his way into and out off women's heart. He ruined his brothers wedding..and gets a wake up call from his late Uncle Wayne..

Gotta find out how Connor turned from his player ways into someone who settles down for the one and only love of his life..

My story is not a love story though..hehe..Hope that i'm blessed with the movie tickets from nuffnang..

Then i wont be left out anymore XD



TianChad田七 said...

Nice post! ;p
Somemore with the Maple characters

Marlow = monkey marccus

cklim said...

extremely "d***n" lo, (note: i din tk part in anti-vulgar word campaign)..din include me as well oh..

but anywhere, fine lo..it's good u din include me with tian chad and marccus la, cos they hv hot babe, i dun hv ma..hahaa

marccus said...

wakaka XD
jahat u ar, when i got say like that.
bad bad.

Chad, she miss me too much liao then give me this name =X

Ck, haha, the no vulgar challenge ady finish ler. dun worry XD.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

[TianChad] thanks for your support

[Cklim] Y u wan participate in this sad story leh? I will find opportunity to put u in de la XD...

[Marccus] that time u wan go ss2 cafe, then u jio me ayam ayam nia. then u say i spoil scenery.. JAHAt lor u..