Wednesday, May 13

Hanayori Dango Malaysian Version (2 Boys & 2 Girls Over Flower)

Have you seen this korean drama? It's based on the Japanese manga "Hanayori Dango". There are many version of this drama, basically in Japan, with the same title. While in Taiwan, they renamed the drama to "Meteor Garden I & II" featuring the used-to-be-famous F4.

Well, i watched the Taiwan and Korean version, and easily conclude that i prefer the Korean version. =)

Malaysia, for one, with our Malaysia Boleh spirit, cannot lack behind the Hanayori Dango craze.

Therefore, i present:-

*note: Japanese words translated by Google Translate*

The site of shooting shall be in Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam, Malaysia, of course...

Hanayori Dango means, "Boys over Flowers" also known as Flower 4 (F4). Therefore, Malaysia version should be filled with flowers as well.




Malaysian version must not kalah (lose) to the Japanese/Korean/Taiwan version. Instead of having one heroine, we have TWO heroine-Nicole and Ange.
*Note: Please forgive me the Malaysian heroine a little not cantek (pretty)*

More flowers

*note: forget to rotate this pic* LOL!!!

Pretty flowers in Malaysian Hanayori Dango
With beautiful maple trees and pines.

The original movie is a romantic heartthrob drama, with rich and handsome guys and poor, but cute girl.

The Malaysian version is a story about people holding cameras.

Ange and camera...

XeRoZ and his fat laopo...

Tian Chad and his laopo...

Wahhh.. hao shuang oh.... The good thing about being the hero is that you can be surrounded by pretty, nono... Sweaty babes.. kekeke

Happy belated Mother's Day!!!

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SiAdikSHocked said...

WAD THE.... OH MY.....
tht jian photo with his laopo somehow reminds me of barney o_O

TianChad田七 said...

Nice flowers' pict!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

[siAdikShocked]die d kenot leave comment de la

[TianChad] Xie xie, i bet ur photos are nicer =x

cklim said...

aiya nicole no one said u tak cantik la, but no harm to become humble envy tian chad got so many leng lui surrounding him..haha