Thursday, May 7

Advertlets Presents a Special Screening Of Angels & Demons (The Sequel to The Da Vinci Code!)

Owwww...How can i miss it!!!

Advertlets~!!! Well, as i'm still a newbie in the blogging community, I was introduced to advertlets through TianChad. Well, you see, TianChad has a buddy named Shaz, and Shaz is a buddy of Josh Lim.

Happened that last tuesday, i went for a movie entitled PowerKids with TianChad, Jian, YengYeng and Josh Lim himself..Kinda CooL..

I feel like we can connect and meet all kinds of people through blogs.

Oh ya, i did not manage to get tickets for the LG Blog Launch party with Devils and Angels this Friday night. Will be spending time at home, imagining TianChad and YengYeng in Angel and Devil costumes... *envious*

Perhaps i'll get a pair of tickets for the Angels&Demons passes instead. *fingers crossed*

Till then.


Love Nicole


大頭 said...

nampak macam best nia movie ni

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

mmg best la..