Friday, April 24

Thursday's Torment-Ginguan Spirit Mind Mentalism Talk

Ginguan Spirit Mind is about:

Consciousness-only view of the soul net scientific institutions, as its name implies, is the one from the Consciousness-only school and science (quantum physics) study the thinking of the institutions of the human soul. Malaysia, a net view of Consciousness-only scientific research institutions have a soul more than a dozen centers around the state in all of Malaysia and Singapore, you are viewing is one of eight District Center page.

Malaysia, a net view of Consciousness-only scientific research institutions of all heart centers are always the same idea and purpose:

1) To promote and develop communication skills and deep-Consciousness-only to wake up as the goal of the human soul.

2) To provide a "spiritual home" for all communication on the Consciousness-only courses deep.

3) Consciousness-only deep soul of communication services to the public.

(Note: Text above are copied desparately from translated website. Even I myself do not 100% understand whats its trying to say. Apology to all.)

Yesterday, i went for a talk called:

Awaken Your Inner Strength to Change Our World By Visionary Japanese Researcher Dr Masaru Emoto

Waiting for Edwin...There is practically no parking around PGRM. As we waited, we were attacked by hordes of Zombies, erm, sorry, i mean...people who came all the way for this talk.

*a gang of aunties burst in the main door*

One of the Aunty: Hey.. lei dei mai fei ge ah?
Nicole: huh?
Jian: Tang yan
Aunty: Mai ticket hiong pin ah? Lei dei mou mai ticket meh?
Nicole: Huhhhh?
Jian: Ngo dei tang yan jek.
Aunty 2: Sei Lau Sei Lau...

* Long time this baby face didnt appear le*

Ah... I look like ticket seller T_T
When we entered the hall...It was 98% filled with people.

The talk by Mr Emoto revolves on water as the most important component in life. Life revolves around vibration, and every object, including humans, living things and non living things emit a sound/vibration/music. Therefore the words we use carries impact. Everybody in this universe exist for a reason; and we must find our reason and function according to our reason for living in order to sublimate(go to another phase of world).

I find it interesting with this concepts. You know, i'm not a keen or avid believer of things. It also amazes me to hear what others think about life.

Infact, he showed us a video of water crystal formation. A vial of water was placed between two speakers (same distance) and a classical music was played. (he used, Madama Butterfly in his experiment).

I havent learn how to upload videos. I did record the whole thing. Its very beautiful =)

Till then. Wait up for my Thursday's Fantasy which is coming Soon!!


marccus said...

thats why.. ask u to be more wen rou =X

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Great pictures! Your blog is kinda hard to read because all of those colors