Monday, April 27

Thurday's Fantasy-Henessy Artistry

*Drumssssss Roll*


Nah Nah..Guess what this is??

It's the invitation passes..Sorta VIP invitation to Henessy Artistry!!! Really have to thank nuffnang for these free passes..

This is how it looks like inside the card..

With these passes..What else are can you imagine???
Let's Partayyyyy~~~

Well, thats not me. Haha. I pray a million years also wont have such body..hahaha.. I pray a zillion years also wont have such pretty sexy face..

On Thursday, i did not make it to the media press conference. I really really wished i can be there though. Heard that Starz Angels are cool and kickin'. It would be one of the things i'd regret for not doing even until my deathbed.

With Mr.Luck by my side, yes, i rushed from PGRM (the Ginguan Spirit Thingy) to Upstairs@The Loft at Heritage Row. Using GPS, the distance is 6.1km only. With super duper driver...i mean, super scary driver (I believe friends will agree with me on this) Jian sped to the Loft, and we made our entrance.

The Entrance was great!!! (please wait till TianChad update his blog) I did not manage to snap the entrance because was rushing for the show!!! kekeke..It was decorated with sexy babes, cool hunks, and lights..

I even saw the bloody red stairs that TianChad fell..kekeke..

Inside was dark, filled with people, and I panicked because couldnt find TianChad.

Then suddenly...All went a little quiet..and OMG OMFG...Caprice came out!! My fear, panic and whatsoever feeling were drowned by his presence.

As i was looking at Caprice, i saw Tian Chad and Yeng Yeng.. We rushed up to them..and can see Caprice singing more clearly. He's cool, a good entertainer, nice..okok..i like him!!! He keeps eye contact with his audience...and yeah..he knows his stuff!!!

I had to admit that these photos arent mine. TianChad forgotten to bring his memory card, while my battery gone haywire. So i gave him my memory card. Hope he doesnt sue me for publishing his photos.

As he sings, he drags few people up to the stage, and yooo hoooohh...heeehh hahhhehhh..

There you go!!! Sarita Chan was up on stage ^^ I wanted to tag along, but my mind still conscious!!My body's saying lets go..but my hearts saying no!
Maybe i need a cup of Henessy or two to give me some boost =)

Then we were entertained with of a malay song. This guy has a sweet voice. Gosh, i shoul've write his name on my palm coz i forgotten his name!!

HoHOHo..Then there is the mouth whopping..beat boxing guy..whom we all dont know his name. He introduced us with his mouth and we were like drunk although we havent drink a drop.

Then the Starz Angels came with the Superman Theme SOng. In 30seconds, I've already fallen in love with them... Drowned in the world of fantasy, i do not know what else to write..

That explains the flirty and *hiao* look i had when i took pictures with Caprice! I hadnt had any guts to snap photo with him. He's always surrounded by chicks, gosh..inferiority complex im suffering!!!

Then Tian Chad persuades me to do it. Yesh i did it!!! But with a hiao look~! and Sweaty too~!

*Deepest condolence and sorry to Jian for leaving you behind when i took picture with Caprice. I know you are a bigger fan of Caprice than I am, so sorry!!!

Thats me and Sarita, I'm all stiffed up! Cant move a muscle ya'know.

We left at sharp coz had to work a few hours later.

From the event, We had:
  • GReAt fun!! GOoD music! CooL people..OMG, you just dont wanna go home!
  • Amazing fantasies were fulfilled with all the rocking people and bloggers out there

I realised:

  • Blogging is not only fun, but you get to meet new friends and celebrities.
  • I had to take good care of my tummy, and prepare myself for future parties
  • I had to flex more muscle, then i'd be able to dance!
  • I need to get a better camera!!!
  • When you go for party with free flow of drinks, get your drink first otherwise no drinks available. You have to dance with your tongue wagging due to thirst.

Thanks nuffnang for inviting me to the party. Love ya most!

Thank Tianchad for taking photographs, your wife, Ms. Lumix Panasonic rocks!!!



HitoMi Ng said...

whoa whoa whoa!! thanks for the information - yea, need to diet edi!!

what work are you doing?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


Working as sales coordinator in Puchong. What bout you?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...
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Breadpitt said...

lol....nice ta meet u too,gosh,human boom box also can link to my! cake link boom;-P .. take care tummy??;p haha...see if we could get to meet up next event with tianchad;-)